Diagnose two hours ago

Hello. In total shock. I’m 51 married with two children. The consultant has told me I have stage 3 and need to start chemo next week. After 4 months I will have to have surgery either a lumpectomy (if they can shrink the tumor) or mastecomy if they can’t. I want to be brave but its hard.

sending hugs and good luck thoughts

Just to say i was diagnosed last august and had chemo which i finished 8 weeks ago just had surgery. The chemo worked a dream. Good luck and its all do able.

Hi Bubbles,

What a shock for you…but welcome from me. Lots of lovely people here to talk to and lots of good info too.
I’ve got stage 3 as well and am half way thru chemo with surgery ahead of me. It’s been very do-able for me and it’s working very well (they tell me). Plus modern treatments have the right result for most of us these days, even with the rudely-behaved stage 3 ones. No guarantees, but don’t think the worst.

Have a cuppa and a hug (if hugs help)
Ann x

Hi Bubbles, I’m sorry you find yourself here, but there is a lot of help and support. There is bound to be someone who is having or has had the same treatment as you and can tell you what it’s like. The helplines are a good source of support and information as well.

A chemotherapy nurse should talk you through everything before the first treatment, and you may find it helps to write down any worries or questions you have to take to that appointment, but she may answer them before you even ask.

There’s a thread, Top Tips, under the chemotherapy section, which you may find helpful for getting organised in advance. By the way, the rush to sort everything out before the first treatment may help you to keep from worrying too much, and will help you to stay a little more in control of things. If you find you go from shock to anger or to tears or both, that’s perfectly normal. This is a place you can let out feelings you might not always want to share with your nearest and dearest.

I have just finished chemotherapy and while I did not enjoy the experience, it was not so bad as I had feared. I am mainly tired and still a bit anaemic now.

Best wishes


I am really sorry you have had to join us - but you’ve done the right thing to come here so soon. You’ll find lots of others at the same stage who will go through treatment with you, and you can give each other plenty of mutual support. No need to be brave - you need time to adjust.

finty xx

Hi there,

Im at the same stage as yourself aaaarrrgggghhhh!!! dont you just want to scream??

I am due to start FEC next week, and am very worried about the whole side effects etc, however we have no choice do we? I must admit these forums are great and very useful as you get to hear all kinds of experiences.

Keep going, and Im sure we will spur each other on from time to time.

take care, and do look at the tips on dealing with chemo… i.e ginger biscuits etc !!

take care of yourself
Tracey x


It’s rubbish isn’t it.

There you are tootling along and then suddenly this comes and hits you out of the blue.

I’ve just finished chemo (6 FEC) and have a mastectomy + radiotherapy to look forward to, and, although not a dream, it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. What was ‘good’ was being able to see the tumours shrinking away (i had 4 so still need a mastectomy).
Also, i’ve still managed to have a life, I had to stop work (teacher) but i’ve managed to do some nice stuff (weekends away, seeing friends, etc).

As has been said, you don’t need to be brave or be perky and chipper all of the time. It’s natural and i think healthy to let it out. You’ll get lots of support from this forum - i’ve really appreciated it.

Best of luck x

hi bubbles ,just want to say welcome and sorry you had to join us but this is a great place to come for help advice and a place to vent,we have all been where you are now and understand how hard this is take care love rachel x

Hi Bubbles

Sorry you have had to join us. It is a lot to take in when you are told the news. As everybody else has said we are all here to help you, and you will find lots of good advice on how to cope on this site.

Take care

Anne xx

Hi Bubbles. All of us on here can relate to how you are feeling today. I was dx stage 3 in November and everything happens so fast. I am now approaching the final stretch (radiotherapy) so the end is in sight. This site has helped me through. There is always someone who understands how you feel and we support each other. Take it easy and be really kind to yourself. Keep posting. Lots of hugs xx

Hi Bubbles

sorry to hear your news - get support from this forum as it helps enormously. Being brave isn’t compulsory - sometimes it seems like thats what other people want from us. You are definitely allowed to be all sorts of things(and sometimes all at once) ie scared, brave, fed-up, angry, laughing, tearful, hopeful, fighting and, sometimes, normal.

Big hugs