diagnosed 09/01/08


I am new to this site, just been diagnosed 09/01/08, having full mastectomy on right breast anf full axillary clearance for IDC, on 17/01/08

Not sure how I am supposed to feel i feel a bit empty, don,t even feel worried yet.

Is this normal

pennypig xxx

Dear pennypig

I am sorry to read of your recent diagnosis. You may find our helpline useful to call, it is run by specialist breast care nurses who can help you through this difficult time, listen to your concerns and offer information, advice and support. They are on 0808 800 6000 and open Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm, Saturday, 9am - 2pm. In addition, Breast Cancer Care have published a Resources Pack which can be ordered on line, it is filled with information to help you better understand your diagnosis, test results and the various treatments available: breastcancercare.org.uk//content.php?page_id=7514
I do hope you find this information of some help.

Best wishes


Sorry to hear your dx, I dont think there is a right or wrong way to feel about this, I can go from really upbeat to totally fed up, I do find coming on this site asking question and reading how other people are coping does help. I am sure you will have many positive responses from everyone on here.

Take Care



Hi, sorry to hear your news, I was diagnosed on 2nd November and had mastectomy on 5th December. I’m 40 and have IDC too. I’m going in for axillary clearance on Wednesday. You are bound to feel in shock and as Karen says, a wide range of emotions over the coming months. Try to keep busy best you can and talk things through with friends and family. I hope you have the support of a breast care nurse too, and if I can answer any questions about the op please ask. Good luck.

Liz x

Hi Penny

So sorry to hear of your diagnosis, but welcome to the site. I am sure you will find a lot of helpful information and advice here - I know i did, much better than surfing the net for ‘vague’ and often distressing information.

I was diagnosed on 1 Nov last year with IDC and had a right mastectomy and full node clearance on 13th November. Following the initial diagnosis I was completely shell shocked - although I was aware that cancer was a likelihood - actually hearing someone confirm that was all my worst fears come true.

I have to say I actually feared the operation more than the cancer itself (I’ma bit of wimp like that!). However, my breast nurse and the sureon explained everything very clearly to me, and the pre-op assessment at the hospital was great - the guy I saw suggested a pre-med to calm me down (which I took) - one minute I was being wheeled to theatre and the next I was sitting up in bed having a tuna sndwich and a cup of tea - and it was over.

I can only speak for how I felt - obviously everyone is different - but I can honestly say I was in no pain other than initial queasiness from operation. The drains that they put in are probably the most annoying bit about it - having to carry them around in a little bag - but they aren’t in for too long - my first came out after 2 days and the second after 5.

Once I had had the surgery and got full pathology reports on the tumour - and details of my full treatment regime - I felt much more able to cope - you find a strength then that you probably weren’t aware you possessed!

I hope all goes well for your operation on Thursday - will be thinking of you - please keep us posted how you get on. There are some good responses - I think on the ‘Undergoing treatment:surgery’ thread - regards the things you may need to take into hospital with you - some very good advice there!

Take care

Margaret x


I have just my head around my results from Weds from my wle which is size 4cm, grade 3 IDC, oestrogen pos with no lymph node involvment I have been given the choice of a shaving or mastectomy and I am 99.9% sure that I will go for the masectomy, this is booked for 31 Jan so I will be following you very closely please keep in touch and we can share experiences, worries, etc.

Love and Hugs



Hi Pennypig,

I can honestly say I didn’t feel the slightest bit worried until I got the results of my surgery. Not sure if I was just in shock, or just blindly expecting it all somehow to be OK. I had lost my mother three weeks earlier, and just didn’t believe it was happening. It was when I found I’d had a grade three lump with spread to lymph nodes that I got upset.

Don’t worry about not feeling upset. I’m sure you will at some point. We all have major ups & downs, and you will see the term ‘emotional rollercoaster’ used a lot, it is very true.

Best wishes

Hi Pennypig
sorry to hear about your diagnosis, you will find alot of support here.
As others have said there is no right or wrong way to feel.
Wishing you well with your op’.

karen x

Hi, Everyone

Its nice to talk to so many people who are going to the same thing, i don’t feel as if i alone,

felt a bit better after i had my pre op today, now got to go shopping for a new bra for next week one with no wires they said,

I think what i am worried about most like the other lady is the actual operation as i don’t do pain i have a really low pain theshold a bit of a wimp.

mandy xx

HI Mandy
just to say that i had a double mastectomy on 24th Oct. If anyone had told me that they could take away your boobs and not have any pain i wouldn’t have believed them but honestly i had no pain at all only a little discomfort on the one side i had reconstruction and that was not at the front but on my back where they took the muscle and spare skin from.(only had recon on one side due to having radiotherapy on the other. I wish you luck and hope that we can make you feel a little easier about having your op. As everyone else has told you this site is a real inspiration.
Best wishes
Love Sandra x x x

Hi Mandy

Good to hear youre feeling a little better, as for the pain side of your op everyone is different but if you need more pain relief just ask and you will be given more there is really no need to be in pain or try to be brave - Wimp is good!!
After wle I got my bras from either Tesco or Asda (sports ones) and wore them all the time even in bed they made a big different. Wondering about buying one of those stress cushions for after masectomy as it would snuggle into you and be comfier to sleep on - used a pillow when I got home last time but think that the cushion might be better?
Goodluck for the 17th sure to speak before
Love and Hugs

Hi pennypig

I was diagnosed on the 19 December and had a lumpectomy on the 10 January and had 5 nodes removed the operation was not painful as others have said, still don’t know what the grade is, get the results on the 23 January.

I am still not sure how I should feel, my breast nurse has said that everyone deals with it in different ways and that I should just go with what I feel is right, I keep expecting myself to break down but to date I have not, I have only cried once and that was when a friend sent me a card to tell me how great I was, although I have had a couple of wobbles as I am calling them when I think what is happening to me and what is going to happen.

I am a very positive person and I am dealing with my cancer as a small hiccup in my life and I am not going to let a damn little lump beat me. Best of luck for your op on the 17 and keep us update.


Well said Debra that a damm little lump is not going to beat you - very inspirational stuff - Go girl