diagnosed 15/02/08 somerset

Hi was told I had breast cancer grade 3 on 15/02/08 into hosp on 10/03 Monday having lump removed and 15/20 nodes having a wire put in first to point where growth is has anyone any info on this also put on tamoxin straight away been taking for three weks was tired at first but nothing else so far

Hi sally123

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Hi Sally
sorry you are here and hope everything goes well for you.

I cannot answer your questions but let us know how you get on. i diagnosed 28 feb grade 2 not had nodes taken yet.

take care

Hi Sally
Sorry you have had to join us but welcome to the site.
I have also had a wire put in before surgery to locate the tumour as it was so small. It was a bit uncomfortable but ok, it didn’t take long to do.
I took Tamoxifen as well, it made me feel a bit queasy.

Good luck for 10th

I had a wire put in.They used a mammogram machine and gave me a local anaesthetic then put a needle into the lump and passed a fine wire through the needle.Then they taped the end to my boob so it didnt catch.It didnt hurt at all.I had it done on the morning of my op.

Hi all
Thought I’d let you all know home from Hosp now sore and tired but not as bad as I thought Stitches out on Thursday so shold be more comphy after that then just the wait to see ifit’s goneto nodes or not and weather it’s Chemo or Radio or both feeling better knowing the lump has now gone and yes the wie was no big deal was done on morning of op no pain at all
thanks for all the support

hi sally ,glad to hear youve come through the op ok, its frightening when you start this journey isnt it,i had mastectomy left breast in 2006 with chemo before and after ,then rads, my hospital was in weston super mare. i see your from somerset also, where did you have your op? hope a;ll continues to improve take care lynn xx

Hi Sally, I was diagnosed the day before you - Valentine’s Day, and not one to celebrate. I had the op 26.02 and I’d forgotten about the wire - though I found it very upsetting at the time, until they taped it down. I felt like a martian. It’s odd how upsetting small things can be when sometimes the bigger stuff gets under the radar.

Living in Finland & completely uninformed, I still don’t know more about my tumour than that it was 25 mm & 4 out of 19 nodes affected - I don’t know it’s ‘grade’ (sounds like a class test), or whether it is hormone related (or whatever it is). I didn’t ask (not knowing anything about it) and they didn’t volunteer info. But this is a great place to find out what’s going on - I’ll know exactly what to ask when I go in for my treatment schedule & I’m going to take a tape recorder - and I’ve found it very comforting in only a few days of participating - so we’ve come to the right place.

Best of luck with post-op diagnosis and be as lazy as you feel like while getting over it. Let us know how it goes?
Cheers, M-L

stitches out now Grad 3 but nothing in nodes and clear margin so good news now waiting for appointment with oncologist as am having chemo and Radio