Diagnosed 2 days ago - stunned and scared...



I was told I had Grade 2 Invasive Ductal on Wednesday - it’s a big lump, 6cm, and one lymph node was positive. So it’s a mastectomy and complete lymph node removal, then chemo , or the other way around dependent on the Her2 results which I’ve not yet had. Waiting on CT scan on the 16th and dreading it as now I’ve convinced myself that it must be elsewhere as it was so big…despite me having a clear mammogram last March. All they said was it is an interval cancer. 


So so frightened and worried, not least for my daughter who is having to cope with being a mum to her little boy (nearly 3, my beloved grandson) and my husband developing early onset angina after his bypass 12 years ago. Coincidentally I only found the lump on the day he admitted to angina pains and we insisted on a trip to A & E to get him checked out. Worry about him sort of put my own problems as lesser, but this diagnosis has knocked me sick. 


Has as anyone had similar - it’s the size of the thing …?Inside I can’t seem to think straight and I’m all over the place while seeming normal to my family. Agony.





Hi Thistle and welcome to the forum, the shock of a diagnosis does knock you for six and you will be all over the place for a while, it’s a hell of a lot to take on board.

The size of a tumour often has no bearing on its ability to spread, some are large but stay contained to the breast and vice versa, lymph nodes are there to mop up any cells that do decide to escape, many ladies here have had numerous nodes involved without any spread elsewhere. 


Once you have your full results and know your treatment plan you will begin to feel you have some control back, across the forum you will find many recently diagnosed ladies who you can talk too, I will add a link for you Xx Jo 


That anxiety monster certainly does kick in when first diagnosed, Thistledown, we’ve all been there.
I found it did help just to focus on the next appointment & to try not to get into the ‘what ifs.’ But easier said than done of course, as you say! You will deal with it, we all do & it does move on.
When you do start treatment, do look at the ‘going through treatment’ board, where you will be able to talk to others at the stage you’re at as well as those further down the line.
ann x

Hi Thistledown,
Feeling aches & pains is quite usual as that damn monster does bite. Going through this does sensitise us to everything we’re feeling physically, so it’s quite usual to feel like this.
ann x

Thistle it is such an emotional and anxious time and we all tend to feel we are beyond hope to start with but the many ladies here fighting through and beyond treatment are testiment to that not being true! 


I didnt cry, I was choked up with emotion but didn’t shed a tear, it wasn’t until we had some sad news in the family during my treatment that I let it all out but it took something else to trigger it , I cried for hours then! 


Lots of ladies have nodes removed , some 20 plus, it’s not unusual and doesn’t really have any bearing on reacurrance it seems, at this stage your team will be doing everything they can to rid you of cancer and give you the best chance of it not reacurring, none of us have any guarantees about what the future holds but we do what we need to and move forward with our fingers crossed and hope we come out unscathed! 


Ive lived with this for over 3 years and have learned that although it’s always there in the back of your mind you can’t live in fear, yes it’s scary stuff and I do have times when I think about the enormity of it all and wish to god it hadn’t happened but then I try to focus on what I’ve been blessed with in that time and how lucky I am to be here ?


Xx Jo 

Hi Thistle. I was initially told I needed a mastectomy then, at the next appointment post biopsy results was given the option of therapeutic mammoplasty , which I had never even heard of. I have now had the TM, with matching reduction to the good side. I have to say I am delighted with the results. I have the boobs I had thirty years ago! Psychologically it has really helped cope with the shock of it all.

The surgery was very straightforward, in and out the same day, as were the mx ladies. I have recently had my follow up and been told the surgery was successful. Just waiting to find out about chemo now.

Whatever you decide will be right for you and there is lots of support here and on the monthly surgery threads. Good luck. Xx

Good luck with the operation tomorrow Thistle.  Big hugs

Thistle - I’m kicking arse as we speak  :smileylol:

Hi, I completely understand your fears at this time. I was diagnosed with invasive lobular bc March 2017. It was picked up during routine screening. The tumour was 7cm in size and there was def 1

 positive lymph node involved.I couldnt understand how i had failed to find it myself because of the size but my breast nurse explained it was due to the way lobular cancer can present as splodgy rather than a lump. I was beside myself with fear. It was also HER positive and tucked away under the fold of my breast next to my ribs. 

My treatment plan was bone and CT scan due to the size of the tumour which came back clear thank goodness. Then 6 rounds of chemo to try to shrink the lump before surgery.My results have been better than i could ever have dreamed of. The Chemo completely obliterated the tumour and i was able to have a lumpectomy. The surgery results showed complete regression in the breast and lymph node and no cancer in the other 15 nodes removed.Next was 15 sessions of radiotherapy as a “belt and braces” back up. I am now coming to the end of a year of Herceptin injections and taking Tamoxifen for the forseeable. I really hope this helps you at this difficult time and please feel free to ask me anything else. Take care. sending you a hug.