Diagnosed 2 days ago

Hi I’m new to this, so not sure how it all works. I found a lump over Xmas and after 2 weeks of thinking it was just a cyst, I decided to get to checked as I was due to start ivf in a couple of weeks. I truly thought it was a cyst - I even went privately to an appointment on my own! Couldn’t believe it when doc said it was cancer. My mind is reeling ever since. I’m going to have core biopsy today and MRI next week. Really very scared, mainly for my 5yr old little girl and my OH.

Oh Claire I’m so sorry … it’s so awful and devastating and rips your heart out too ( mines still aching with the pain of it ) … the biopsy will need to be done to find out if it is Def C … and then MRI to see where … I had a biopsy last week in boob and armpit - didn’t hurt that much at the time but hurt for days after wards. They told me stage 2 lobular and in my nodes so I’m now waiting for an MRI … to see how bad and if in the other boob …
it sounds like you found it quite soon so that’s a really good thing.
This site had kept me going through this unreal time … the fear I feel even makes it hard to breath. But also I’ve had to get on with stuff ( normal house stuff) so have kept going which helps a bit - no work though x
I have a 4 year old girl and 3 boys 9-10 and a oh who’s great but not like me (their Mum…)
Message me anytime on p message if you need to. The ladies on here will be up and about soon so much more hugs and support to come, zena xxxxxx

Sorry that’s 2 boys - dyslexic and a lazy proof reader … but least of my worries really lol x

Hi Claire, 


firstly I am so sorry to hear the news, but you have definitely come to the right place. I was officially diagnosed on Tuesday this week, after having scans and biopsies before Christmas. I was told then that it was ‘suspicious’ and ‘90% sure’ it’s cancer. But nothing actually prepares for when the consultant is telling you how much chemo you’ll need! 


Its a terrifying time, Im 33 with no children, so I’m being transferred straight to a fertility team to discuss freezing my eggs! My life has just changed dramatically in the space of 3 weeks. I have moments where I feel  like panicking, then just feel accepting of it and ready to fight! 


We are all here for you, keep us posted, you’ll find some amazing support. I only signed up here yesterday and it’s already a lifeline! Much love xx

Hi Claire, I’m sorry that you find yourself in this situation but its good that they are on it and you have things in place. Breast cancer is the most researched and there are many many treatment options out there.

I’m 3 weeks post op but had several core biopsys. I can tell you now that its the waiting for results that is the hardest, once you have a full diagnosis and a plan in place, things become easier. Fear is natural, my anxiety was through the roof to start with, but it does get easier. You should have been allocated a Breast care nurse, use her, they are there to support you.

Do not google, its my once piece of advice, if you want information, use this site and the Macmillan one.

This site has also been my lifeline, keep chatting

Emily xxxxxx

I really feel for you Claire…I was the same.All my friends told me it would be a cyst so pootled off to clinic on my own expecting them to perhaps drain it and be back at work that afternoon.Err…no not quite! But just started rads after chemo and surgery and if I can do this anyone can! :)It seems impossible now like looking down a long dark tunnel but I promise you, you will get through and have good days again.much love x

Hi ladies, thanks so much for all your encouragement. Home again from the hospital and biopsies all done - no pain at the time, but I’m feeling it now ? Pinkloz83 thanks for the heads up on the egg freezing - I hadn’t even considered that that was an option, but when I rang the fertility clinic today to pull out of the treatment (tough call to make), but they were brilliant and are setting up an emergency appointment with my fertility consultant to discuss egg harvesting. Turns out I’m REALLY lucky I hadn’t started ivf drugs as they would have been bad news for the Cancer…
Anyway it has really helped to know that everyone is saying the same thing about the diagnosis and waiting on treatment that is the scariest part.
Just waiting on my MRI appt and then meeting with my consultant to discuss treatment plan xx

Hi Claire my journey started in the 15th October when I spotted an indent under my breast I Googled and it said cancer straight away…so I was kind of prepared…8 weeks later I had the op and today I went for my first radiotherapy appt had my tattoos and ct scan…any help well give you xx

Hi Zena75, thanks for asking, I’m doing ok. Pain not as bad now. Have my MRI in just over a week, but consultant wants to see me on Tuesday to get results of biopsies - have to admit when the bcn rang with that news it sent me into a panic again thinking the worst. I was planning on going back to work until the OP (mainly for the distraction) but have reconsidered as I don’t think I could concentrate, plus I have a lengthy commute and with no sleep I don’t think that’s a good combination. My GP phoned me yesterday as she had just been informed what happened. After a long chat with her she has signed me off. Some of my family have come to visit this weekend which is really helping. It is DEF the waiting on results that is awful. We can wait together xx
I’m 37 btw and am laughing at ur ‘new pot habit’ - it seems to be a recurring theme on here! I had a glass of wine last night and slept 6hrs straight ?

Hi Pam75, nice to hear from u. Good to hear from someone who is a little further along the road. How are you after ur radiotherapy? xx

Yes , I want to stay working but after talking to my supervisor I thought not a good idea - but I am a Bereavement counsellor so maybe not great me sat there crying the whole hour on the poor client ??
I am also doing a degree and in the last year - but I am going to try to complete as really annoying to go back redo year - bloody pain this cancer stuff … inconvenient really ?!
Sounds like you have good gp - I asked for a call back from gps the other day , he called while I was talking to bcn so I asked for another call back and he didn’t bother to call again ?.. So now have to call again - more chasing. But I am very happy with NHS at the moment all been quite fast and nice … I feel cared for… hope it stays like that …
I know others have had different experiences so I will be on my guard at bit tho …
Great you and pink could have eggs frozen, my friend did it before treatment for Hodgkin… cancer and had her first , a bouncy boy a few years after at 39 xx
I’m cutting out dairy as I’m Er+ so off today to get free from food … also now on herbal teas and raisens good homemade soups with spinach and lots of veg … I’m gonna keep busy with getting me and whole family a bit healthier … even went through house chucking out all parabens stuff and air freshener s , joss sticks from now and ecover kitchen sprays … bit late lol but it makes me feel like I’m actively fighting… yes waiting together girls and get reassurance from the amazing ladies further on on here xxxxx zena ?

Morning girls, hope you’re feeling ok today. 


Zena - I’m er+ too, what’s that about cutting out dairy? Does it help? I’ve been eating loads healthier too lately! Every little helps!


I love hearing positive stories about people having babies after all this rubbish! Things like that just keep me going. 


I’ve just got my Oncology appt through for next Thursday, I presume to discuss when I’ll start chemo?! Eek! xx

Hey all
Emily sounds like you’ve got a busy life Hun - horses are harder work than kids , I had 3 ponies growing up, ( not at same time) ?.. Mum still has hers but I gave up when I found out that boyfriends were such fun too!! lol ( what a mistake I made ???) .So glad you are getting thru this … your posts keep me going a lot hunny ?
Pam how are you feeling after your op and how did treatment go ? X
Pink yes - apparently dairy feeds the oestrogen so I’m gonna try and cut it out ( of course cheese is my favourite thing in all the world ?) … lots of other dairy free cheeses so will update what they are like …
Ps be good to have a save post tab for all the really good posts - stories and mainly advice on chemo, ops , bras - thinking Helena would be super good at that and Sarah and loads more of you amazing girls ??? So we had an advice and tips from us page ??
I just got chamomile essential oil and geranium one - put a few drops of each in my bath just now and WOW amazing relaxing and smells nice too … they both supposed to be good for bc …also dandelion tea is good and not as bad as you may think lol . I put a slice of fresh ginger in to spice it up a bit . Also Jo bought some tumeric tea ( pukka) its lovely and I feel good I’m thinking more about my body ( again better late than never )
Big love :heart: all

Hi Zena, I’ve got turmeric tea with ginger, manuka honey with ginger and I also bought some timeric for adding to food but haven’t done yet. It would be good to have a hints and tips page. I feel like a lot of us are thinking of healthy eating and other things we can do to fight back. My diet is rubbish though at the minute. Some days I have no appetite and other days I just eat rubbish! I hate milk but do like cheese and butter. Shall we get a healthy hints and tips thread going?

Hi ladies, I think a helpful hints and tips thread would b great.
Can I ask what er+ is? Is this something to do with oestrogen?

ER+ is oestrogen receptor positive. It means that oestrogen ‘feeds’ this type of cancer so hormone treatments such as tamoxifen can be used to block and reduce the effect of oestrogen.

I’ve set up a thread for healthy hints and tips so get posting ladies! xx

Thanks Helena. I’ll take a look st that. Maybe we will be duplicating things a bit but hopefully it will be a useful thread for those of us on the newly diagnosed bit of the forum to put some info together.


I’m having a lazy day!

Jo xx

I was diagnosed on Thursday (5th). I then waited 24 hours before telling my sister and her OH. It was very hard but I got through it. I had to wait 24 hours so I could let my brain take the information in.


This morning I have told my Mum. Had to tell her on the phone as she is 4 hours away. I coped better telling her (maybe 'cos I could see her face!) She was very upset but I now feel more able to tell extended family and work.


I have my MRI scan on Tuesday and then the following week I should know my plan. I have to have 6 chemo sessions. Does anyone know if they are once a month or once evry 3 weeks. I got a bit confused with the nurse as I was in a bit of shock.