Diagnosed and pending chemotherapy



i am new to this forum and still in a whirlwhind of turmoil.


I have IDC grade 3, so lump in breast which has spread to my under arm lymph node.  CT amd MRI scans are clear and its ot spread thank god. my oncologist has recommended chemotherapy first starting  on friday followed by surgery, the radiotherapy etc im just wondering why everyone else seems to be the other way around - ofcourse i want the lumps out and get rid of them, in my head im wondering if they dont shirink and the C spreads further.  i have all these thoughts running around in my head


any advice would help!

Hi Tazmin,

First of all welcome to the forum, there’s loads of support here from all of us who are where you are now or further down the line.

Yes, there are certainly other ladies here who have had treatment the way round you describe, who will be along shortly to advise, 

There is a lot to take on board & this stage is always a shock with a lot to process. Having anxious thoughts is part of going through this but your treatment plan is there to get it dealt with. 

If you haven’t already, do go to the ‘going through treatment’ board & the ‘monthly chemo’ threads where there are others at the stage you’re at when you start chemo. 

Do come & chat whenever you need to. 

ann x


Hi Tazmin welcome to the board and so sorry of your recent diagnosis. I was meant to have chemo first and then surgery… again to reduce the tumour and also to reduce the amount if healthy breast tissue they would take ans also for the scar issue… after speaking to both surgeon and oncologist as I wanted surgery first so I was well enough to go on a family holiday he said either way wouldn’t make much difference and it was just a personal choice really in why I had surgery first. You could speak to your BCN and ask if there is an option. X


I am hoping (well not hoping) start 1st chemo thursday.  Should have started on the 15th but my platelets low so blood test tomorrow and if all goes well with Oncologist thursday will start after our meeting.  Ive been told 6 cycles of chemo on cycle 4 they add Herceptin for quite a few months every 3 weeks.  Then remove lump and maybe mastectomy, then radiotherapy.  Its a horrid waiting/guessing game.  Thinking of you. Trisha x

I have also been diagnosed and am waiting to start my chemotherapy. I have to wait until 13th June for first treatment. I am also having chemotherapy first followed by surgery. I will be interested to hear how everyone else gets on and am grateful for this forum. Also grade 3 with positive lymph nodes. No further spread. Keeping positive.

Hi, I’ve recently been diagnosed with oestrogen receptor negative breast cancer.  Have had a sentinel node biopsy and a bone scan last week and don’t have the results yet.  MRI scan tomorrow and CT scan Thursday. Also have oncologist appointment tomorrow.  I’ve been told I need 6 chemo sessions 3 weeks apart then surgery and possibly radiotherapy too. I was confused as most people seem to have surgery first then treatment.  Comforting to read here about the ladies who are going through similar process as me.  Terrified and anxious nonetheless and having difficulty carrying on with normal everyday tasks.