Diagnosed and starting treatment

I was Dx with Stage 2 BC on 18/1/17, E+/HER2-, grade 2. The tumour measured 21mm and I had a WLE on 6/2/17 with clear margins. My pre-op ultrasound showed clear lymph nodes however cancer cells were found in 2 out of 3 lymph nodes in SNB so Oncologist has recommended chemo followed by radiotherapy on breast and armpit. I start the first of 3 x FEC on Wednesday and then 3 x AC. I will be on Tamoxifen for 10 years. I’m 44 years old and looking to share my experience with others. I’m a bit nervous about chemo and not sure what to expect but feeling positive that I will get through this horrible journey xx

Hi Elain73,

I am so sorry to find you here, but it really is a great place to share your experience and read about others.

The shared experiences are of so much help and it is a good place to ask questions and get support, albeit virtual, as you go through your treatment. The forum and it’s threads is a great place for information, virtual hugs, laughs and rants. Our diagnosis seems to bind us by an invisible bond.

You have already gone through quite a big part of your treatment. As you are now post op - your cancer is gone - hurray! The months, which are ahead and the treatment you alre having will make sure it does not come back.

Being nervous about chemotherapy is quite understandable. For some it is easier and for others it can be quite challenging.

You might wish to join the March 2017 starters thread, where women, who have started towards the end of February and in March are sharing their experiences and support each other. If you scroll to the beginning of the thread, you might find much useful information to help you prepare, too.

This is the link to the thread



Sue x

Hi everyone, I haven’t been on the forum for a few days. Had my first FEC on Wednesday, so far so good. I felt a bit rough yesterday but mostly just tiredness. Today I feel fine and had no nausea at all. I really hope this continues but realise may feel more rundown as treatment progresses. I’m eating healthy and doing some short walks which is helping keep my spirits up. I also found out that my ER score is 8, is this good or bad? Tamoxifen is part of my treatment plan. Hope you are all keeping well xx

Hi Elaine ? you are sounding so positive after your first chemo, that’s great. Just wanted to say In answer to your question, an ER of 8 is high so that means that it should respond well to the Tamoxifen, so its good in my book as that’s what my Onc said to me as my ER and PR were both 8 ? Best wishes for the rest of your treatment hun. Hxx