Diagnosed at 3 months...now have happy baby!

Hello Ladies

I think this new area of the site is a wonderful idea. There do seem to be more of us being dx whilst pregnant - for whatever reason.

Anyway, I’m 33 years old, married, with a daughter born July 2008 and another daughter born March 2010. I was diagnosed 2nd Oct 2009 (whilst 3 months pregnant) with grade 3 18mm lump for which I had a lumpectomy and node removal 26th October 2009. Nodes were clear.

I had 5 x EC Chemotherapy starting November 2009…baby born as planned after EC no. 5…final EC on 16th March 2010. The amount of chemo drugs was based on my weight when I started chemo and they were full stregnth drugs. I had to deliver between chemo’s so a specific date was set for induction/c-section. They were going to try inductions first but didn’t think it would work. I had reflexology the night before specifically to induce labour (as discussed with Obstetrician!) and it worked!! I gave birth naturally. I had an epidural early in labour so that I could rest throughout ready to push at the end. It all worked really well. Eva was slightly small at just under 6lbs but as I was 37+3 weeks she wasn’t small enough to need to go to special care.

Rads (15 sessions) started 14th June 2010. No Tamoxifen for me as tripple negative!

Have been confirmed as BRCA1

There don’t seem to be any signs of the chemo with Eva - and she had hair when she was born so I don’t think as much chemo went through as they anicipated.

I am always happy for people to contact me and even wrote my story for my local NCT magazine so have that to share if wanted.

Also, I contacted the La Leche League who advised me from article/book ‘Medication and Mothers Milk’ regarding breastfeeding whilst having treatment. Advice is different depending on what type of chemo you have etc

Good luck


Hi Faye

I am so pleased that everything went well and you have a beautiful little baby girl. What a wonderful story, I wish you well for the future and enjoy your lovely bundly of joy. Thank you so much for sharing your happy news with us.

Lots of love Anne x x

Hi Faye - what an inspiring story, both for those who may be pregnant and those of us who are not. Wishing you and your baby the best of health. Marli x

Yes - absolutely fantastic. Many congratulations and best wishes for the future xx

Thank you ladies - I’ve been reading your stories on the board over the last couple of days and wish you all the very best with your treatment and babies :slight_smile:

There is so much information I could have given about how I personally went through this but I tried to keep to the basics due to space. Hopefully I’ve included the points that may help other people.

The only important thing I would add is that I had to plan to ask for help. I hated asking for help as I want to do things for myself and didn’t want to feel as though someone else was caring for my newborn baby when I should be. However planning for the worst case scenario helped as I ‘booked’ my mum and mother in law to take it in turns to stay with us at home for 3 weeks after baby arrived just in case I was exhausted. As it happens I didn’t need to take them up on this but it did help to have backup in case needed. Instead they looked after my toddler, cleaned, ironed and left some food for us…all things that meant all I had to do was enjoy my baby and recover. Once I maore energy I started taking things back. All of that time it was hard to give my toddler as much attention as she deserved but she won’t remember it and everythings fine now. However hard it is, ask for help so taht you can concentrate on the little things - our special babies grow up so fast :slight_smile: