Diagnosed breast cancer


My name is Lila.  I am 59 year old single mum. 23rd April I could lump in my breast. I went to see my GP and she felt the same way so she has refer it to me in the hospital.  After all the tests like ultra sounds, MRI, core biopsy on 18th May 2015 they confirmed that I got the breast cancer. 15th July 2015 I had mine right mastectomy and SLNB. 4th August I went to see my consultant regarding my results.  

Histology - A40mm mixed invasive cancer with LCIS and DCIS, grade 2, 0/3 nodes, no lymphomas ulnar invasion, ER positive, HER-2 negative, predict is equal to 3.1%


they talking about Further Management: discuss a it chemotherapy, await DX and hormones.


I don’t know nothing about it.   I am really worried about the further treatment.  Is any one have any similar situation can you please let me know how serious treatment, what is the survival chance and side effects.


Thank you.

Lilly has your surgeon not talked through what the possible options for your treatment are?Are you waiting for more test results ?

Have you had sample sent for Oncotype dx?If so it is test offered to ladies who are borderline may benefit from chemotherapy,it predicts how likely it is that you will have a reoccurrence,the oncologist will then discuss with you the pros and cons.If you only have a small benefit or low risk of reoccurrence they may advise it is not worth it for you.You can ring your named BC nurse if you have questions.

Yes, that’s the test I was taking about ,it’s very new only been available few months.They will talk you through the results and what your potential benefits are from chemo.But only do it for people who are borderline .

Hello Lila and welcome to the BCC forums

I can see your fellow users have been a great support already during this difficult time for you, please also feel free to call our helpliners to talk through any questions you have on 0808 800 6000, lines are open 10-2 tomorrow and 9-5 during the week 

I am posting a link to the BCC information about the types of treatments you may be offered which I hope will be helpful to you:


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