diagnosed early cancer last wed

hi to everyone out there I had a routine mammogram and then had a recall letter. Following some biopsies I had the results last wed 30th sept that I have an early cancer as described by the consultant.
The nurse has told me its the invasive sort.I am awaiting a guide wire ex on 15thoct plus node sampling. Feeling very scared and keep bursting into tears , worried about the radiotherapy, need a mate to chat to

Hi zea

Welcome to the forums, I’m sure other users will be along to support you soon.
In the meantime you may find it useful to contact our free helpline on 0808 800 6000, opening hours are Monday to Friday 9.00 – 5.00 and Saturday 9.00 – 2.00

Best wishes
June, moderator

hi Zea, sorry you had to join our club, but we are all in it together. Great news they have caught it early, you will be fine, the not knowing part, waiting for results and stuff is the worst bit, I was diagnosed 1st June and complete my course of radiotherapy on Friday, cant believe how quick everything has happened, radiotherapy is very doable, just makes you really tired.

take care hun

Carol xx

zea - So sorry you had to join us, but you will get so much support here. It is the place to voice your fears and ask any questions you can think of. There is always someone here to reply, either sharing their experiences or with some comforting words.

As Carol said, they have caught it early, so you have every reason to be optimistic.

Love Ann x

oops sory Zea i think i pressed the submit button without finsishing ! LOl keeping focussed is a problem ATM. anyhow hang on in there… *hugs* Deb

hi zea -sounds just like my diagnosis -recalled from mammo (my first one too) -I had wire guided WLE and sentinel node biopsy in May,followed by radiotherapy and tamoxifen - agree with fellow posters -it’s all doable and bearable -just take it step by step and try not to leap too far ahead (easy to say,I know !)
There’s loads of support on this forum anyway,so you’re not alone xx

Oh dear… i guess my message never got through. Just to say Zea like you i was diagnosed only recently so am going thro something similar… we are all different and deal with it in our own ways… but coming on to this site for support and knowledge is a great one. I am due to have my op this weds, and hopefully all going well will start rads early nov. So like you we could become rad buddies.*smiles* much hugs ~Deb~

Hi Zea,
I had a 1 cm tumour and lymph nodes removed in Summer 08, follwed by chemotherapy, radiotherapy and now 5 years of Tamoxifen. Just wanted to say please don’t worry about the guide wire - I had it and I was fine - radiotherapy is very tiring and like sunburn but that’s all there is to it. And I am the world’s biggest wuss.

It is a terrible shock to be diagnosed with BC but we are all here for you xx

Hi Zea I too had a similar diagnosis to you in early Aug this year after a routine mammogram. Had my op on 25th Aug where they removed 1cm mixed tumour. Now waiting to start rads in early November. You will be fine. I think its a very hard thing to take in as you just don’t expect it to happen somehow. Thank god, like me, you went for your mammogram. I just felt like it wasn’t real and it is scary but take each step as it comes. I was told I would need a guide wire then when I went for it radiology dr decided I could just be marked instead.

You will definitely not be short of mates on this site. Just ask away if you have queries.

Big hugs Chris x

hi Zea

like you, I was diagnoised with early breast cancer in May this year after being recalled after my first mammogram.
Had a mastectomy (due to having 2x 1 cm invasive tumours) with immediate reconstruction.
Because they caught the cancer at such an early stage, I didn’t need chemo or rads.
Hoping that you have good results and will be thinking of you

Hi zea,

I’m another one dx after first routine mammogram - just about a year ago now. I had WLE and SNB at the end of November, then radiotherapy in Feb/March and I’m on tamoxifen. I feel that I am now getting my life back on track after the active treatment phase.

When you are about to start radiotherapy you may well find a thread in the radiotherapy section of the Forum for those having rads at the same time as you are - and if not you can always start one! It is a good way of comparing notes and I found it encouraging when I was doing rads.

The early days are very difficult and it isn’t surprising you are tearful. But this forum is great and there is always someone with whom to share experiences and who will answer questions. As Carol said - we are all in it together.

So, be gentle with yourself, chat on here and ask any questions you want answered.

Eliza xx

Hi zea god luck
had my op 2weeks ago feel better to cope each day bloody hell what a lovely autumn all that sunshine and think we are going to survive this. All the guys on this site are helping me by just reading their comments. be thinking of you on 15th hugs and kisses

Hello, i have been and we have been through this, i was diognosed march, but regardless of what you have to come in the way of treatment, that first response to finding out you have cancer, well there is nothing like it, terifying to say the least, i never thought i could be so frightened im 48 and kept breaking down like a frightened child, so know that whatever you feel its ok
love and good luck on your journey

hi im knew to this…was diagnosed yesterday not sure what type as wasnt taking it in,as im sure you know what thats like, waiting for some more tests,scans and scheduled for op 17th november followed by radiotharapy trying to keep posative but it aint easy,

hey lillyloo… welcome to the club no one wants to join:( But lots of hugs and support with what you are going through. this is a great site, but be careful or you will scare yurself reading all the links and threads. I had a lumpectomy and SNB on weds after my 1st routine mamma.my emotions all over the place… its a scary place to be, and the waiting. Hang on in there*smiles* ~Deb ~

Hi lilyloo,

Sorry that you’ve joined us, but welcome.

There is always a lot to take in at appointments and I found that everything moved so fast. I take a notebook with me to my appointments and in it I write down the questions I want to ask with space for answers. Then when I’m there i ask my questions, note down the answers and write in any other information I’m given. Breast Cancer care have a couple of publications that are very good for suggesting questions you might want to ask and you can download them from this site.

Eliza xx

Dear lilyloo,

I have attached a link to the publication which Eliza mentions


This particular publication comes in a ring binder and has to be ordered from the website. However most of our other publications can be downloaded.

I hope this helps

Kindest regards

Janet BCC Facilitator

Actually the publications I was thinking of are the one about pathology reports and the Ask About Medicines one. I found those particularly useful as they are very factual.

Sorry, Eliza and lilyloo. Here are the links to the particular ones you mention:



Best wishes

BCC Facilitator

Hi Zea, being given a cancer dx is an horrendous shock.So sorry you have to join us. Once you get into your treatment plan it’s a lot easier. Waiting is the worse part and one’s mind runs riot. If you can try and take each day as it comes it will help you.
I had a WLE and radiotherapy and feeling healthy and fit now one year on.
Best wishes Leadie