Diagnosed end of July

Saw local breast clinic cosultant and nurse. Waiting for op date.

I didn’t think to ask what other options just sort of accepted the required op.

I was told they are going to cut close to the nipple but I thought the tumour was under and toward the middle.

I am concerned about nerve damage cutting closer to the nipple.  

Initial just DCIS high grade from biopsy then they looked closer and found invasive cancer cells so now they are also going to take lymph to be sure its not there even though nothing under arm showed on ultrasound.


I was in shock I guess to begin with and putting on a brave face after that, today is the first day I feel tearful.

I’m upset because I can’t get a suitable fitting bra.  I tried on loads in M&S yesterday and not one fits entirely properly, though I would try the local specialist bra shop locally next.


I usually go for cotton bras that have some stretch to accommodate good fitting in the cups on both breasts. The one that was recommended in M&S looks awful and is so puckered in the cup on the breast I am to be operated on.  I don’t feel its comfortable nor give support to that breast.  Its quite high around the armpit and I don’t know where abouts they will cut in the arm pit.


How important is it to have the centre front of the bra flat against the sternum does any one know?


Not sure how much swelling there will be after the op.


I was looking at Damart that cotton hook eye front fastening 2 pack, I am wondering whether to send for them to try.  I thought cotton important as sleeping in first 2 days / nights.


I guess I am just ultra upset today.


Is it ok to use arnica cream or take arnica tablets for bruising before and during healing does anyone know?


Many thanks for any suggestions and support.


Hi Astra ?sorry you find yourself on these forums. I had a therapeutic mammoplasty (boob made smaller and reshaped) post surgery I had M&S zip front sports bras with racer back and went up from 36 to a 40 to accommodate swelling post op, when healing had settled switched to some lovely soft Sainsbury’s cotton ones £6 each and then just stuff smaller side with some stuffing from knitted knocker that I sent off for (they don’t do partial knitted knockers) so I yanked stuffing out and it works fine. It’s a rollercoaster and emotions will be up and down, there is the someone like me option and ask the nurse option and usually a monthly surgery thread which could help ?too Astra. ???:sparkles::sparkles:Shi xx

Hi Astra, this waiting business is a lot to bear, isn’t it? Once you are on the cancer conveyor belt you will feel much better, I can assure you. I had a WLE over 2 years ago. I had a super plastic surgeon who lifted the areole, removed the 3 cms . tumour and then reattached the areole. To be honest it looked pretty horrific with black stitching , but there are no visible signs now. I’ve got a bit of a dent but I think she shuffled bits around, and the nipple isn’t as pink, but hey ho, I only need my boobs to fill my clothes out, I’m not feeding babies ?. The op was much less painful than I imagined, but the lymph excision required a drain, so that was more problematic. I still have sensation in the nipple as that wasn’t touched. I was advised to get front fastening firm support bras. It’s practically impossible with an F cup, so I went for crop tops once the drain came out. Much cheaper option. Arm holes were cut low too, so it was easy to check wounds. Some ladies were able to get away with sports bras. Cotton is best as chemo really made me sweat. I wasn’t allowed any creams or deodorants on the wounds until the healing was well under way. Your BC nurse should advise you on this. There was no bruising on me. The cut on me was low into the arm pit, and I have been left with quite a hollow. Once I was given permission I used bio oil to help thin the scars, and they are practically invisible. Get some nice soft baby face cloths to wash and dab your arm pits. Get paraban free roll on deodorants for when you are healed. Check your toiletries and get rid of any which may irritate and upset your skin during treatment. My nurse did not recommend any spray cans at all for cancer girls . Get pjs for your recuperation. Bit more coverage when your wounds are checked. Button down tops for easy access. You can pm me if you need more. Keep in mind that the sooner you begin treatment then the sooner it’s over. That the medical team are on your side, and your success is their success. We are here for you. We’ve all been there, done that, and have the tea shirt to prove it! Not saying it isn’t hard, but it’s doable . Hugs. X

Hi Annie and Shi


Hope things are well with you both.


I had my pre op today, now loads of reading to do.  My op date is a week today.

I am a little concerned about the after affects of the anaesthetic and if my blood glucose remains stable.


I am thinking there is so much to take in I have to take one step at a time.


Got some pampering information from the hospital for after op when feeling up to it.


Thank you both for your kind words and helpful input.


:heart: :heart:

Hi Astra 

I don’t know if you’ve had your op but I used one of those front fastening cotton bras in a larger cup than my own. The first day after the op I just used a tight t shirt then I wore this sports bra thing that I was given on the Ward. It was white, soft and a nursing/sports bra. Dead comfy. The SNB cuts were higher than  the bra so no rubbing. Good luck xx