Diagnosed (Feb 2011) and it's in my ampit and neck lymphs

Hi. I’m new to this, but i’m so dreadfully worried.
I was diagnosed on Jan 25th 2011. I have a 4cm tumour in my breast, which has spread to my armpit lymph node. I went yesterday for a consultation after a CT scan, and they now suspect the cancer is also in my neck lymphs.
After accepting Grade 3 cancer, accepting that it was in my armpit, I am now finding it hard to receive more bad news about the neck. I really wanted to start chemo tomorrow (11th Feb) but have to wait for the results of my neck biopsy (done yesterday), and a heart echocardiogram (before starting Herceptin.)Hoping to start on 18th February.
Can anyone offer me any hope? Has anyone got a similar experience? I could really do with sharing this.

For now sending you cyber hugs xx

hello Jojobro, like Mary grace I am so sorry that you have had to join us, it is so hard getting bad news that seems to get worse! I had grade 3 her2+ cancer in my breast with node involvement in my nodes - and like Mary grace says, so have many people on this site. They need to be absolutely sure of it all before the chemo/herceptin to make sure you get exactly what is right for you, and the extra waiting time won’t harm anything - many of us have had to wait for a while before treatment was started - but it does make you feel so helpless. I’m sure that you will soon know, but if you are worried I am sure you could ring your breast care nurses = they are usually very happy to talk and hopefully to reassure you. All the very best.

Dear jojobro

I can so much understand your worry. I’ve been in that horrible place and more. More because I watched my cancer grow for four years. I failed in getting access to the system because my GPs didn’t see fit saying I had nothing to worry about. However, this is not what I want to dwell on tonight. Take comfort in knowing that you can get through this. I had cancer in 15 of my lymph nodes. It had spread to the nodes in my collarbone. I will be celebrating on St Valentine’s day. Yes, six years on from the day of diagnosis and doing well. It will be tough at times but believe me, you will see light at the end of the tunnel.

Look after yourself (ask lots of questions if you feel the need) and remember you are number 1.


Hi I too am Grade three A, and had a lymph node in my neck, I had 8 lots of chemo in total, treat aggressively!,the Multi disciplinary team decide on treatment, and they need all the info to make sure the correct decisions are made.I started Herceptin with Taxotere. After one lot of chemo lymph node had disappeared!!. I am 15 months after diagnosis, and doing Ok, Good luck.

Hi Jojobro- my daughter was picked up aged 32 after finding a lump on her neck: it proved to be triple negative, stage 3 BC which had already spread that far.

She had all the usual not-nice treatment but is now 41, has had another baby, gone back to work - AND coped with me having BC too.
She looks and is, really well …so do take heart.

Hi Jojobro

I was referred by my Gp 2 years ago almost to the day. After tests etc. diagnosed 4th March with very aggresive IBC already stage 3. Ct scan showed sinister spot on my liver. Started chemo together with herceptin after all the usual tests as you are having. No sign of spot since. Mastectomy and lymph node removal Aug. 2009 then rads. Still on herceptin at mo past the usual 12 months, only every 3 weeks and at home so takes 2hrs max. Had reconstruction Nov. last year. Went to see plastic surgeon yesterday and they very pleased - so am I- in a few months will be able to have lipo fill etc. I feel better and fitter, although a few pounds heavier, I’m just back at the gym after op! got a new hairstyle as new hair better than before and dyed a colour I would never have chosen before. Just to let you know that you do get through it all as the others on here say. This site is a godsend.

God luck with your treatment xxx

Thanks to you all. It really does help to hear about people who have been through this already, and are through the other side.
I am hoping to get my treatment plan on Tuesday, and also the results of the lymph node biopsy.
I feel in limbo at the moment, but know i will feel better once treatment has started.
My only worry is that in the last two weeks the lump in my armpit has grown, and that i am getting shooting pains in my breast. I feel as though the cancer is raging out of control (i’m sure everyone goes through something like this.)
I will keep you all posted as to what happens on Tuesday, and once again thank you very much for your comments.

Hi jojobro

A couple of little points for you, even though I don’t have the same type as you.

If you’ve had a biopsy of the lymph node it will be trying very hard to heal itself, so it is completely understandable for it to be swollen and a bit sore.

Good luck for Tuesday. I get my treatment plan on Wednesday so although I have an idea of what’s on the cards (I’ll also be on Herceptin) I don’t know the details and the dates, and I know I’ll feel much better when I have that detail - I’m sure you’ll be the same.