Diagnosed in Dec. Waiting for results of Sentinel biopsy

Hi anyone,
This is my first post; not quite sure of how it all works, but here goes. I get the results of the biopsy next week- the waiting is really difficult and I am trying to live in the moment! Really worried that the cancer has spread to lymph nodes and the implications of this; I have a badly damaged shoulder that would be a nightmare to have this kind of surgery on. Have been looking at reconstruction info, as I know I have to have a mx definitely. After reading some of the posts here, it feels like there is so much that could go wrong. Anyone one else feeling as panicky, or is that just a stupid question ; I guess it goes with the territory now. Lots to think about.

Hiya Sam the first post is always the hardest you don’t really want to join but you need the support you will get loads of support on here and lots of answers to question s too. Waiting is the hardest part and yep we always fear the worst so it is normal to panic it just takes over your whole life and how you think, try to take each day as it comes, small steps there is no easy way to get through all of this but it does get easier when you have the facts. When do you get your results?

Hi Sameelee

I had a sentinel node biopsy in June of this year, they removed 5 nodes and all five tested positive for cancer - not the best of news! However, I have since gone through 8 sessions of chemotherapy, an mx and axillary clearance and am now waiting for the results from that.

Waiting is always worse than treatment!

Good luck and post up your results as we will be thinking about you.

Thanks for your posts; it really does help to know that there are others going through the same stuff! My results come through on the 4th, so a few days to wait yet.

Good luck for tomorrow Samelee we will be there with you in a virtual way please come back to us to let us know how you get on, hoping for a good result but we are all here whatever happens x