Diagnosed last Thursday

Thank god for mammogram screening program!  I have stage 2 breast cancer, showed no signs so completely shocked! Really worried about next steps a lumpectomy and radiotherapy, is there any tips on what to expect? Husband doesn’t need the stress! 

Hello Tess ,welcome to the forum .I was also diagnosed via routine mammogram - no symptoms at all

  • it really shakes you up.I had lumpectomy and radiotherapy 4 years ago .My advice would be don’t think too far ahead - just deal with one step

at a time otherwise it is too overwhelming .There is lots of advice and support on this forum from people who understand what you are going through .Jill x





Hi I was the same, stage 2 so I know how you feel. No signs either. Such a shock isn’t it? Now, what happened next to me was I had a the radioactive injection, a scan then wire guided lumpectomy, 2 x sentinel nodes removed and nothing found there!! I also had a dexa scan to test the thickness of my bones. I then had 15 rounds of radiotherapy and have to take anastrozole and additional calcium tablets for at least 5 years. My lump was found by mammogram too, I was so scared at that time!! This was in October 2017 and now I’m doing ok. Still have scary thoughts from time to time but I come in here and all those lovely bosom friends certainly lift my mood!! Wishing you the best of luck and if you want to ask anything please go right ahead.??

I had routine mammogram in December. A stage 2 BC was diagnosed and confirmation of ER /PR positive and HER2 negative status was given on Xmas Eve. Ho ho ho!,

Had lumpectomy and Sentinal node biopsy January and a week later found my glands and margins were clear. I have just completed 15 sessions radiotherapy. All went well for me throughout surgery and radiation withno more than very minor discomforts and no complications. Even had a low oncotype DX score ( predicts the chance of recurrence) 

Even with all this good news I am still shocked to the core by my diagnosis and in need of all the support that is given by the fabulous forum friends here. As they are already saying take one step at a time ( you will be guided through). There will be horrible worrying  times as you await results but these are unavoidable and you will be helped through them.

For me the waiting periods have been the worst and for me it helped to plan something ( even something very small) to treat myself to each day. A good read, a dog walk, a long bath, a hairdo have all been therapy for me between my results appointments. Be nice to you! Maybe a good cry will help…if so don’t be afraid to howl.

Hope you will be as lucky as me ( lucky with a BC diagnosis? Wrong words.I should say fortunate in your treatment pathway given your diagnosis but you know what I mean.) Even if not you are not you will find strength you didn’t know you had and your husband will too. You are in a strange new cancer world but your supporters here will help and it will all become more familiar and less scary soon.

wishing you well