Diagnosed last Tuesday

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Hi Christina,

Glad you found us, but sorry to hear you’re joining us.

It is such a shock getting a diagnosis & it’s quite usual to notice other symptoms when first diagnosed, because of the stress of it all, but it is rare for it to have spread outside the breast when first diagnosed.

We’ve all been where you are now & we all do get through it & get back to life as normal, as you will as well.

It does feel very ovewhelming at first, so what you’re feeling is quite usual. 

The early days of diagnosis are so hard, but honestly, it does get better when you’re onto the treatment stage.

Do come & chat or vent whenever you need to.

sending hugs

ann x




So sorry to read you are struggling - there are some wonderful girls and women on here to help you with this and through this, so please look out the other heading where ‘recently diagnosed’ cos there is a lot more activity there, and I am sure you will find it really helpful. Shock hits us all so hard at the start, that we just can’t think straight. Sending you hugs aplenty. .

Hi Cristina, so sorry that you find yourself here, and how hard to be in a foreign country with your family in Spain.

When you first get diagnosed it’s easy to worry that every thing that you feel is a sign that it’s spread, hopefully things will get easier when you know your treatment plan. You will get through this, I hope you find lots of support from other women who are at the same stage, I know it really helped me. And there are lots of us who’ve been through this and been where you are, but now have successfully finished treatment.

Sending you a hug




Hi Cristina,

So sorry you have to join this forum but you will get some fantastic support here from a wonderful group of people who are going through treatment and also those who have come out the other side. I am in the latter group, just coming up to my three-year diagnosis anniversary. This time three years ago I was in your shoes, thinking that my life was at an end or seriously diminished. I never thought I would be happy again. But I am and you will be too. 


You mention being a wimp about your body and worrying about treatment. I was exactly the same when starting out. I had never had surgery before and was terrified of pretty much everything (I became obsssed with the worry that I would not be reunited with my glasses after surgery which didn’t happen as the lovely nurse practically put them back on the minute I came around). In my experience (surgery x 2 and chemo) the treatment was nowhere near as awful as I had anticipated. Once I knew what the treatment plan was I felt able to make plans to deal with it and move forward. 


The one thing that comforted me throughout my treatment was that there is no way that our wonderful, but terribly cash-strapped NHS, would consider treating us if they didn’t think there was a good chance of a positive outcome for us. 


We hope that you will stay with us and let us know how you get on tomorrow and in the future. 


Un abrazo muy fuerte.

Ruth xx

Thank you all for your very kind messages and support. They really help. Heading off to treatment plan meeting in a while. I am so scared.

All best,


Good luck with your appointment Cristina - these appointments are so so scary but you will feel a bit better after you know what happens next .Havw you got someone to go with you ?



We are all with you.  Take care and safe journeys. x

Hi Christina

I also got diagnosed yesterday with grade 1 breast cancer, i have to go back Wed for a second biopsy to see if some cacium flecks which have been found are cancerous. I am booked in for my op on the 8th Aug so depending on second biopsy results if i just get the lump removed or my full left breast.

I am so lost at the moment keep crying just cant believe its happening to me, i have an 11year old son who hopefully does not have to find out.

I know exactly how you are feeling and your post has helped me to realise people are out there who are feeling the same way and we dont have to do this journey alone.

I hope your treatment planning goes ok and be strong we have got this!

Sending hugs

Bonnie x

Hi all, 

Again, thank you so much for the kind words. I did have my partner coming with me to the appointment, which was great support. I was so anxious I was having a chest pain, which has now subsided.

The appointment was more positive than I expected, although I still don’t have a plan. They found two other spots in my left breast in the MRI and need to see if they are cancerous before deciding on my plan. My right breast is clear. The consultant reassured me about my other symptoms. I am having another scan on Monday for the two spots. I don’t quite understand why they are doing a scan of the other two spots (when the previous scan for the cancerous lump only showed as indefinite) and not just a biopsy straight away? I did ask, but the answer was not clear to me (I can’t even remember it).

Also, they could not tell me when I would have surgery. They gave me a timeframe of eight weeks, which seems a lot to me. They had initially told me it would be at the beginning of August. 

Bonnie, thank you for replying to my thread and your words of encouragement. I wish the same strength to you.

Hi Quaggie,

Sorry I missed your post. Thanks so much for your advise and sorry to hear you are in this situation too. It gives such a different perspective of everyday things already. I do work and look after my children, so I have to continue doing normal things. I do feel a bit better since the appointment this morning, although I don’t have a plan yet and don’t quite understand their protocol for doing tests. I wish I had a surgery date already. Wishing you lots of strength too.