Diagnosed on 12 November 2010 (1st post)

Hi crazy cat lady,
Thanku for your reply it really helps. I was just wondering if you needed any further treatment after your lumpectomy… I have been told that i may need chemo and radio afterwards but they really wont be sure untill the lump has been removed!!
kaz xx

Kaz - I was told that if I opted for a lumpectomy, I would def. have rads afterwards, and poss. chemo before rads - think the chemo was more dependant on whether there was node involvement. Your bcn will have a very good idea of if rads are usually the order of the day after any lumpectomy - I know that both the ladies who were on the ward with me at the same time were having rads after their ops - and they knew that for certain before any post-op biopsy of their lymph nodes.

It will be interesting to see if the situation varies by district - as I know a lot of other things to do with bc care do. Keep asking, and hold on tight - Monday is not too far away now, just make sure you remember your list!

Sophie xxx

I’m so sorry that you have been diagnosed with this. I was diagnosed with BC in November 2009, and like you I found that one of the most difficult things was telling others, and dealing with their response.
Funnily enough, my neighbour also has BC, and she said that in the end she found it easier not to mention her condition to others, because she felt she was using all her energy comforting others - when what she needed was than to comfort her.
I don’t want to be nosey, but are they doing an MRI to check whether it has spread?. If it has please don’t panic or start planning your demise - cause it’s not like that anymore. If you wish, you can contact me by PM, and I will give you info about my experience.

Hi kazza,
I am starting rads next Fri, 20 sessions, will finish Xmas eve, and tamoxifen for 5 years, but as others have said it depends on what results they get back from the tumour. If you opt for the lumpectomy then rads are a cert, my onc didn’t feel chemo was right for me as I had no nodes involved and my bc was small, even though I was told to prepare for it because of my age (36).

Hope everything goes ok for you, keep in touch and ‘talking’ it really does help.

Look after yourself xxxx

Hi crazy cat lady

Thankyou for your info and the very best of luck with starting your rads next week. Take good care of yourself and hopefully you and your family can have a peaceful xmas…
Please keep in touch and let me know how its going,
Thinking of you
Kaz x

Hey Kaz,

Thanks for your kind wishes!!! Hope your appointment goes Ok today with your BCN, and that she answers your questions.

You will get through this tough time, 7th Dec not too far away - keep in touch, I will help best I can!!! - keep busy until then try not to google too much, there are some scary BC related things out there (I know I checked!!)

Thinking of you