Diagnosed on Friday with DCIS and have breast discomfort. Is that normal?



Pretty new to this. I was diagmosed with pre-cancer on my right breast on Friday, following an Mamogram, Ultra Sound and MRI. I have been told there are 3 large masses which are all pre-cancer with large areas of abnormality in between.  So they have recommended a mastectomy plus a lumpectomy on my left side as well. 


I am trying to get a referal to the Marsden as I have been told they’re the best. Any thoughts??


Since the biopsies my breasts having been getting sorer with more discomfort and i am getting worried that something else is up, or its progressing really quickly. I’m probably worrying for nothing but wondering if anyone has had a similar experience. Maybe i’m just more aware of it since the diagnosis. Its either that or i’m going crazy! Please help


Thanks Sara


Hi Sara

Welcome to the BCC forums, I am sure your fellow users will understand your concerns and fears about your diagnosis and will be along with support for you

I am posting a link to the DCIS information which I hope you will find helpful:


For further support and a listening ear please call our helpliners on 0808 800 6000, lines are open weekdays 9-5 and Saturdays 10-2

Take care
Lucy BCC

Hi. Pain after biopsy is pretty common. I had two areas biopsied and my boob ached badly and felt strange and lumpy for at least a couple of weeks. I also had green and yellow bruises. They should have told you that biopsies can hurt afterwards but I know how hard it is to take in everything. I had mastectomy at Kingston Hospital where the oncology team are from the Marsden and they are really good and I felt I was in the safest possible hands. Good luck with everything x



I was the same. I had 2 biopsies on my left side and 1 on the right and I was pretty uncomfortable for the 2 weeks up to my Mx. I had extensive DCIS in the left (the right was clear) and they did find a tiny amount of invasive cancer following surgery (3.5mm) but too small to need chemo.


So I think what you are feeling is normal!


Regarding referral, I don’t know if it’s the same in London, but here in Manchester the Christie is the cancer centre, but my surgery was carried out at UHSM. If I’d needed chemo/radio then I would have been referred to the Christie.


All the best with your surgery.



Hi Sara,

I’m really new to this, just registered and just diagnosed with DCIS after having my first mammogram and then biopsy. My breast have been really sore and tender since my diagnosis and I i think it’s in my head. My breast care nurse did mention it might happen. I’m sure it’s cuz I’m so focused on how they feel. I wouldn’t worry 2 much about it. Have u been given a booklet about DCIS. It’s really helpful