Diagnosed Sept, wanted to say hi!


I have been following some of threads here and thought it was time I came and joined you.  I have been inspired by the amazing support and kindness shown here.  You are amazing, brave ladies.  I feel that I have been very ‘lucky’ with my diagnosis, as many of you here are enduring so very much more.  I am 46 and had Total Duct Excision due to a significant amount of bleeding from my right nipple. I thought this would be the problem dealt with, but histology showed DCIS.  I then had WLE at the beginning of Oct and thankfully, got clear margins. I am now waiting to start radiotherapy.  My planning meeting is next Wednesday so once I know my dates I will join the radiotherapy thread.

I have felt okay emotionally throughout, I think because my surgeon, BCN and oncologist have been very positive. I am married with a daughter and son aged 12 and 10. They are all fine and have been helping out with the heavier jobs around the house, as I am still pretty bruised!

I am thinking of you all this morning and hope that I can offer my support now that I am here!

Lots of love xxx




Hello and a very warm welcome to the forum.  I think I was the same as you, I spent several weeks reading the forum and then finally plucked up the courage to post in November last year, and boy it has been an absolute godsend to me.


You will definitely be able to help and support ladies as they come on here. 


I start a new monthly thread on the radiotherapy section.  Generally I think you start rads about 2/3 weeks after the planning meeting.


Helena xxx

Hi Hufflepuff ( great name BTW!)


Also wanted to welcome you to the forum.

Helena will expertly guide you through radiotherapy!

Please come and chat whenever you feel up to it.


Best wishes

Sue xx



Thankyou for the warm welcome.  Have a lovely weekend xxx

Thank you AnnaKarenina xx

Hi Hufflepuff, you are at the same stage as me. Waiting to start radiotherapy. I feel fine in myself, just bruised and sore like you. Really thankful that it was picked up early via my regular mammogram, I am 56. Family and friends have been fantastic. I am self employed and worried a little about not earning. But, this has made me rethink things, I am cutting back on my clients and have taken an associate to take some of the everyday admin on. So now putting me and family first. X

Hello Sy, Thank you for your message.  It must be a worry for you being self-employed but as you say, family and friends must come first.  This whole business does make you reconsider your priorities.  I work as a Sister on a busy Paediatric Unit.  I have gone back to work on 2 occasions since diagnosis. Due to the nature of the job (12 hour shifts, crazy busy etc) Occupational Health have said to stay away until after the radiotherapy, and then return slowly.  It’s one less thing to worry about.  It has made me think about all the weekends I have to work, because it fits in around the family, when I would rather be spending time with them!  We do what we have to do and then something like this happens and makes you reconsider it all! I do enjoy my job and could not afford not to work but  I think  I need to reconsider the unsocial hours that I do. Do you have a date for starting radiotherapy? Xx