Diagnosed this afternoon

So my appointment finally arrived and yes I have bc but I also have a kick a55 attitude. Lumpectomy. Booked but I am going on my holiday to Turkey first I actually feel relieved that I have a diagnosis and know what I am facing I just hope I can remain this positive as time goes on though I am sure I will have down days x

Love the positive attitude, Sue. I was encouraged to go on holiday while waiting for the path results. It was the best advice I was given as I came back rested in both body and mind, and with a positive attitude to beating Mr. Blobby.  I am sure that’s what got me through the tests, the op and more tests . Yes,you will have down days, but we all have those on here. Quite natural that some days seem harder than others , but you will successfully reach the end of your journey. Looking forward to hearing about your hol, and also your journey through BC. Enjoy ?:sunny:  X

Surgeon has assured me that waiting until after holiday will not have a negative effect so lumpectomy is 8th August onwards and upwards and thank you Annie for your reply Hun x

Have been thinking about you Sue. Keep strong, sending a hug. X

Thank you sib xxx



Loving the positivity, enjoy your wonderful holiday and the sun will set you up for your recovery after your op.


Well we are all here for the good and not so good days xxxx

Thank you Helena x x I am sure I will have down days but right now the relief of knowing what I am dealing with is strong. I have told my mom and my children but could tell them positive news that it is totally treatable and I have promised them I will keep them informed all the way they were all amazing but of course it’s just Day 1 x

Not sure what area people are in but I am in Birmingham and so far have had appointments at good hope and solihull hospital and my pre op is good hope but my surgery is solihull but the consultant I am under works at both then I need to make the choice as to which hospital I go to for radiotherapy but that’s a way off yet so have got time x

Hi Sue. I am also from Birmingham but under city hospital. I had a mastectomy on 16/6. Where about are you from in Birmingham??

Hi Sue. I was under Solihull. Had Mr Bala. Was brilliant…he took over from Mr Patterson!!! Are you under Bala or one of the others? Ingles? I had my Rads at Cov/Wark as was closer than QE. Both are great altho I did have to wait for 13 weeks from lumpectomy to Rads as Dept was so busy. I was assured long wait was fine though.

I am in shard end and mr farooq is my consultant and he works at both solihull and good hope I have seen him both times what areas are you in ladies? X

Hi u2 heartlands is my nearest hospital is it harder been an insider so to speak? Good luck for next week x

Gosh there are quite a few of you from Brum on here, I live in Kings Heath, had all my treatment at the QE, could not fault it at all, it was first class.


Helena xx

Seems like we have some great medical support available in our city ?X

I’m in Hereford, which is not far away either.


Hi basia you are not far away at all x are you at a hospital local to you ?

Fab service and sorry to hear about your fall hope you are recovered now xxx

Lol that sounds like me I say I trip on fres air or over my own shadow x glad you are on the mend

I hope you can too except that I notified holiday insurance of diadnosis and said not started treatment yet and had to pay another chunk of money to get the insurance x

That seems unfair i just had to pay an additional premium albeit £140 however I return to U.K. On 7th August and op is 8th so maybe that’s the difference x