Diagnosed this week - Happy New Year!

Hello all


I was diagnosed on Tuesday following a biopsy and am awaiting an appointment with my Consultant to disucss my treatment plan following yesterday’s MRI.


Just wanted to start a thread so that I can talk to others who have been through the same thing. I have absolutley no idea what questions to ask or what to expect but all I can say is that I feel a damn sight better than I did when I was waiting for the diagnosis - I think it says a lot for the power of positive thinking!



Hi bliss x happy new year !!! 2015 we will all get sorted x I was duagnosed start of December with invasive lobular and don’t know where I would have been without this forum. It’s amazing how much I have learnt about BC in such a short time ! The biopsy confirmed my cancer then mri found some more so be prepared for that conversation and possibly more tests /biopsy when u go back to talk about the mri ( hopefully it will be more straightforward but I wasn’t expecting to spend 5 hours at the hosp when I re visited post mri ) - anyways. I have had more visits ands bit of a complicated journey but am now booked for a double masectomy on 12 jan - hopefully u may not need this surgery but I would suggest you think about what u might think if you are given masectomy as an option when u go back for mri results ( eg reconstruction options etc etc ) - I hadn’t thought about this as was fully expecting to have a Lumpetecomy… I think there are many of unscathed agree the waiting is the exhausting thing - I felt at one time that every time I went there were different decisions to be made xxx stay off google and use recommended sights x good luck with ur appointment and feel free to pm me if u have specific questions x lots hugs sarah

Hi Helen,


Sorry you are here but we are a pretty fabulous crowd in my view :smileyvery-happy:


I’m fairly new here too as I was diagnosed a few weeks ago and have just been called back for more biopsies following an MRI so I hope to have a treatment plan in place before too long.  The waiting for results has been the worst bit so far as it’s horrible to feel so out of control isn’t it, but that’s where this forum absolutely comes into it’s own because at least we can hear from people who are going through it and get a better idea of what to expect and what questions to ask.  




Hi bliss, terrible club with excellent members xx This is a safe place for venting and chances are there will always be someone with the right answers or the thing you needed to hear. Xxx Waiting is horrid. Im 2 weeks past a mastectomy and even that doesnt seem as bad as not knowing stuff. Sending love, read some of the humour threads…what not to say should cover most of stuff you’ve heard . Hugs Sandie

Hi all
Helen - of course I’ll be back to update x good one for the 12 xxxxx the support you will get from here will be great and don’t worry about asking any questions

Sharon - I actually giggled slightly at the idea of rose finding anything crass ( she’s a total star amazing inspiration ! ) my bCN recommended I went to john lewis - I explained I was having a double masectomy and they booked me in for a specialist appointment - they knew what they were doing and suggested a couple of bras and sizes for me that would ’ match up after ’ - Nicola Jane in London is also meant to be goodx not sure if you live able to get there? Marks and spencer also do a range …best of luck sarah

Ps meant to add I got Royce bra for £15 john Lewis ( for prosthetics) but two comfy basic bras which are not specifically masectomy but have a ‘slot’ xxx

And this amoena.co.uk
Sorry for disjoint - wondering round hospital today and on forum in between X-rays and bloods etc x

Aww thanks ladies, I’ll get shopping.  I hate buying bras at the best of times (I’m actually a 28G but gave up trying to find that size years ago :smileysad:) so I think this might take a while…



Rose your 3-boob line has me in hysterics! I was saying to a friend that I had a haematoma from a biopsy that looks a lot like a 3rd boob and he looked at me thoughtfully for a while and said ‘well that might solve your jobless problem, there’s bound to be a niche market for 3-boobers, you need to go for quantity over quality’ :smileylol: Really love a bit of dark humour!


I hate my big boobs & even considered a reduction a couple of times but got scared off by the thought of surgery (oh the irony!).  I’m having a lovely fantasy that the surgeon will be able to do what Rose’s did and remove the cancer and give me smaller boobs too.  Failing that, I want a double mastectomy to get rid of the traitorous things! 



Hi Everyone,


I have spent the last couple of nights reading posts on here and built up the courage to register.  I had a recall from a routine mammogram.  When I went to my hospital appointment the consultant was positive I had a small cyst but when he tried to drain it, nothing.  They took a biopsy and I returned last week for the results (with my daughter)  I didnt really think anything about going back as I was expecting them to say it was a cyst but no…small tumour (they say, cant be felt) but grade 3.  Surgery and radiotherapy to come, with next appointment on Monday.  I am a nurse and have nursed lots of people with breast cancer and was sure I would be (like always) positive and just face it.  So why have I become this weak, scared, sad person :-(.  Everyone keeps telling me what a strong person I am, but I feel rubbish.  I dont feel strong and feel so out of control of my emotions I hate it.  I am scared and feel like I am existing in my own little bubble right now.  My daughter is amazing, so supportive and I know she will be with me every step of the way, just like all my family.  Please tell me these feelings will improve as I hate the way I feel.  I havent gone back to work because emotionally I dont feel able to which is making me feel so guilty.  I just dont think I could concentrate on my job and that just wouldnt be right for my patients.  Sorry to sound so negative.

Hi Gazzlyn and so sorry you are here 


It’s extraordinary to discover just how emotional this whole journey is isn’t it, I’ve been horrified at the way I’ve reacted so far particularly since I’ve some experience of the journey through friends and colleagues.  I hadn’t understood just how difficult it is to feel so overwhelmed and out of control.


The members here are just wonderful though; kind, hugely supportive and a source of brilliant information on everything you can think of (plus a few things you sort of wish you’d never had to think about!).  Ask any question, weep and or rant on here and a wise person will pop up to help you.  I love them all already and I’ve only been here for a week or so.


So I think it is entirely normal to veer between being calm and rational and a total wreck over it all, that’s certainly been my own experience and I doubt there are many people who could be in this position and not feel that way.  


Sending you huge but gentle hugs




Rose, thank you for your lovely post, you truly are an inspiration and I feel like you’re my guardian angel already! Wish I was being brave but mostly I’m just muddling through.  Love the sound of your son-in-law, a wicked sense of humour is so much easier to deal with than horrified sympathy!


Hope your own third boob is gradually disappearing, and brilliant idea on the pads, I’ll add that to my shopping list too (although I still haven’t managed to find a bra in my size so might have to just use the pads and some masking tape :smileytongue:)

OK, another strange question that I’ve been burning to ask, but have been a bit frightened about hearing the answer, having seen several people mention it and now you too Sarah:


Ummm, why do we need a chapstick?



Dear gazzlyn x I am echoing Sharon and sandie x.x you can rant rave whatever here so feel safe and n need to apologise x in my day job I am a trusted up beat manager at home I am fun mum … With cancer I am a desperate soul moving from emotion to emotion xxx we’ve all been there - you are dealing with a lot ; it does get better ; you will get through this xxxx you are doing the right thing getting a bit of me time head space xxx holding hands and sending hugs x sarah

Sharron, Sandie, Rosemaryanne & Sarah, thankyou all for your kind supportive replies it has helped already :smileyhappy:  Tonight I am not going to have my “normal bedtime meltdown” I am going to read a few more posts on the forum and hopefully go to bed feeling more positive.  Thankyou for including me in what seems to be a great supportive group.  Hope you all have a good positive weekend xx

Hi Lynda, like you I’m a planner and oh, it’s so very hard to hand over control of your life to the medical machine and wait for direction from them. One of my darkest moments was getting in from work to an answerphone message asking why I’d not turned up to an appointment for the MRI results. I still haven’t had the appointment letter for that a whole month later!

Anyhow this is my timeline, hope it’s useful for you:

When I summarise the dates it doesn’t seem that bad, but at the time it felt like an eternity. I had my routine mammogram on 10th Oct, and recall for follow up was on 29th Oct when they did biopsies. First meeting with my consultant was on 18th Nov, confirmed 2 cancerous areas. MRI on 26th Nov, and saw the consultant again on 9th Dec. Pre-op assessment was 11th Dec and had surgery to remove both lumps plus Sentinel Node biopsy and therapeutic mammoplasty on 22nd Dec.Then I have 4 weeks wait for Pathology, followed by radiotherapy and 5 years hormone treatment, providing lymph nodes and margins are clear. My version is Invasive Ductal, fortunately Grade 1. Hopefully no chemo. I know I’m very lucky - or less unlucky, whichever you want to look at it. Almost two weeks after surgery and I’m feeling really well, very little pain in the breast, main soreness in the underarm area where they took the lymph nodes. I’ve got by on a few paracetamol from day 1.

Believe me, things will start to happen very quickly very soon. In the meantime get as much rest as you can, and have some fun too!

Love, Rose xx


Hi Lynda - hope u are ok x not long until Monday - not everyone has an MRI so don’t worry if u do and don’t worry if u dont xxx I don’t think I would have remembered anything the consultant said to me when I was diagnosed but they took me into a room afterwards and my Breast cancer nurse went through a recap using ‘treating Breast cancer’ booklet which is also available on this site - she basically circled everything that applied to me and very sensibly told me to ignore everything else - things change as you go along though … I have gone from a lumpetecomy to a double masectomy in about three weeks with op scheduled for 12 jan - and it was ultrasound and mri s and a very fantastic medical team that I now trust completely x hopefully saving my life so I can watch my children grow into young adults xxx so - try not to worry too much … You are in good hands and they will take the time to answer all your questions xx I Am a total wreak on here some days and other days I am fine x try to get used to the lack of control - it’s been the hardest thing for me but now the medical machine is taking over I have started to accept it ( and sleep better as a result !) lots love and hugs sarah

Ps in terms of how it was found - technical I found my cancer as I went to gp with a lump - the mammogram didn’t confirm but the ultrasound was suspicious - biopsy confirmed - mri discovered more - was referred for an mri biopsy (specialist) but after long discussion on xmas eve decided not to proceed as too inconclusive/ difficult potentially and lobular growing so mx agreed xxxxx

How are you doing Rose, aside from the physical bits?



Glad you’re OK Rose, it is reassuring to know that normal life sort of resumes but I also know what you mean about it being a bit unreal.  Hope it stays that way forever actually because that’s bad enough!  You seem to have had to wait an age for the various stages of your treatment/results.  I don’t really understand why it takes so long to get the pathology results back as I’m sure they must do the work quickly and it seems a bit cruel to make us wait a single moment longer than is necessary :frowning:  Have they given you a date for the results yet or just 4-6 weeks?


I’m having a good day today in that I’ve managed hours & hours without getting upset; it’s amazing how quickly we adapt isn’t it!  I’m going back in tomorrow for the next set of biopsies on the lump that showed on the MRI.  A good friend is coming with me though, and we’re going to an exhibition first and to do a bit of retail therapy so it should be a good day (other than the jabby bit of course!)