Diagnosed Today and worried

Today I was diagnosed with grade 3 ductal carcinoma and have my Wide excision and sentinel node biopsy booked for 20th December. I have been told my lump is less than 2cm but the staging won’t be known til after the surgery. My consultant said I would probably need chemo which is terrifying. He and the breast nurse were reassuring about the stage 3 but I am really worried. They said it was not hormone dependent or herceptin positive whatever that means, any info? They said it appeared very treatable but the word ‘appeared’ is a bit doubtful I thought?

So sad as lovely partner died 6 months ago. Just told 3 of my 4 adult children and going to see the other one later. Feels so scary any words of wisdom?

Hi Sue,

Sorry to hear of your diagnosis but I am sure you will get lots of good, honest support from your fellow forum users.  Our helpline team are just a free phone call away with both emotional and practical support if you would like to give them a call.  0808 800 6000 lines open Mon-Fri 9-5 and Sat 10-2.

Take care,

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Hi Sue, Sorry to hear you find yourself here too. But it’s a really supportive environment and you’ll get lots of advice & insight. Please don’t worry about the surgery. I had my WLE & SLNB 9 days ago & it was fine. No pain at all & feeling back to normal within 24 hours. So you’ll definitely be able to enjoy Christmas Day! I’ve also been told I probably need chemo due to my age (42) and I’m also scared about this. I find out at my post op appointment tomorrow. Try calling your BC nurse for more detail about type, hormone receptors etc. Everyone says the waiting is the worst bit and you’ll feel much better once your treatment plan is in place. Best of luck Xxx

Hi Sue,
Im sure lots of ladies will be along soon to give you some support.
I still dont understand all the meanings etc but do know that mine was also not hormone dependent or herceptin pos! I was told all along that I would need chemo and I was petrified but after my mastectomy I found out all my results and that it hadnt spread into my lymph nodes and only needed radiotherapy and tamoxifen!!
So…my advice would be to take each day as it comes…try not to worry about what might happen as it may not happen and this time for you is definitely the worst it will get easier I promise! Time goes really quickly and your surgery date will soon be here, once your over that hurdle (which is suprisingly easier than you think) then you will have your off days waiting for your results, you will then get your treatment plan and feel much better and in control.
Its a horrible emotional rollercoaster but you will get through it. ((((Hugs))))

Hi Everyone,


I’m so sorry you all have to be here, but it is the best place to be in your situation.


First of all, when they test the lump tissue at the biopsy,  they test it for hormone positive status. Oestrogen and/or progestrogen. If it is positive that means that you will eventually have a hormone tablet (Tamoxifen for example) as part of your treatment.


If your tumour is HER2 positive, then you will need chemo alongside of Herceptin. Triple negative means your tumour did not respond to hormones or Herceptin, and at the moment there is no treatment except chemo to deal with it. 


I hope this helps to clarify things a little.


poemsgalore xx

Hi Minig and Sue123 - I was wondering about you two and left a message somewhere else!  still trying to suss this out.

Big hugs to you both x

I am sat here waiting for verbal results from my BC since my op on 29 November.  Not really sure what I am expecting, but just knowing one way or another will be a relief!  I was diagnosed with IDC Grade 2 - my lump was 9mm x 6mm.  I had WLE and SNB.

will update when I know xx