Diagnosed Today..:( lobular B/C

Hi Lorna45.
I’m another ILC but I was lucky as mine did show as a 9mm lump so removed and no spread. That was about 18 months ago so now enjoying the delights of tamoxifen. I too had am MRI last summer (but only cos I insisted) and that came back clear so huge relief.
Maybe the stats are wrong and ILC is not so rare…

It’s a tough time but life will go on as normal I promise.

Huge virtual hug,

Really Appreciated.x Been busy all day and now hve opened wine!!! so all will be well soon…lol

Hi Lorna,
This is the first time i have posted.
I was diagnosed with invasive lobular in October 2010 having had my first ‘clear’ mammogram just 8 months before ( this cancer is a sneaky sod) I noticed some dimpling under my breast. It was 4.9cm.
I had sentinal node biopsy CT scan,bone scan and MRI…all absolutely terrifying but all clear!
I had mastectomy and recon a few weeks later. As it seemed borderline as to my needing chemo my oncologist sent samples of my tumour for an OncoDX test, this showed my chances of recurrence to be low…so no chemo! No radio just tamoxifen. 4 weeks ago I had my healthy breast reduced and lifted to give me a better matching pair.
hope all this is of some use, you will get through it x

That is a good result!!! Thanx for saying all these tests are normal, feel like i am losing my marbles. Everything is changing too fast, but Hey Ho i know i am not the first.xx

No you are not the first… but it is the first time it has happened to you and it is absolutely terrifying!
They do all these tests, not because they expect to find anything but to rule things out. I too was convinced they were going to find it elsewhere and I didn’t sleep or eat for a couple of weeks. When my husband and I learned that everything else was clear and "all’’ I needed was a mastectomy we came home and opened a bottle of champagne… breast cancer certainly turns your world upside down!!
You will find the strength to get through this and you will be amazed at the help and support that comes your way
lots of love x

Hi ladies…I’ve had mastectomy and reconstruction about 2 months ago for lobular Bc. It was 6.5 cm which still scares me!..but it was node neg and no vascular invasion…the docs have all said the size would not matter in this case and that I have a good pitlook. .anyone else similar? Xx

HI Michelle…Thanks for reply hun…7 weeks after surgery and still in that devastefd period…can’t seem to lit myself…so your words are really appreciated xx

Hi, thought I’d add my tuppence worth. I was diagnosed with lobular last May, after my 1st routine mammogram. After MRI another bit was found so went from lumpectomy to mastectomy. Had sentinel node biopsy in the July, which was positive so full axilla clearance added to the mix. Had mastectomy with nose clearance and Diep reconstruction in the September. All other modes were negative, they found a 3rd bit of lobular, can’t recall the sizes though but not too large. They downgraded it to grade 1 after results from mx.
I had radiotherapy in November and im now on tamoxifen. I didn’t get chemo.
I just had a check up today and all seems fine, and just waiting on a mammo on my left breast (cancer was right). My hospital doesn’t do any bone scans as routine, so my check up was just some checking around my lymph node area and a check of the breasts.
Apart from a bit of a lymphodema worry at the moment, all is good, and I feel pretty much ok and can forget about cancer quite a bit.