Diagnosed today Mastectomy on Tuesday


I have just been diagnosed today with BC and was told after waiting a week for results of a biopsy. What a shock, but I don’t seem to have cried much its as though there are no tears just a sick fear in my stomach. I did the usual google search and frightened myself to death and then I found this forum and thought its not just me going through this and it it lovely to see how supportive you are to each other despite the hell you are all going through. I hope I can be as strong and supportive as you all are. I am having a masectomy on Tuesday I was offered Chemo first but chose to have the operation and then chemo and I also have an enlarged lymph node in my arm which test results showed were not infected but then I was told they may not have got the right area and they would most probably be infected so they will be coming out on Tuesday aswell. Did anybody else expereince this and then find the nodes were clear afterall? I thought when they said they were clear was a little good news for me then wham they hit me with but the they probably are! Look foward to sharing experience with you all and lets all promise to be 110% positive.

Hi Shelie and welcome to the BCC forums,

I am sorry to read about your recent diagnosis, you may find our resource pack helpful as it contains information about diagnosis, treatments and support available, you can order this via the following link:


Whilst you await support and information from your fellow users, you are welcome to call our helpline for a ‘listening ear’ from one of our team on 0808 800 6000, the line is open weekdays 9-5 and Sat 9-2.

I hope this helps a little

Take care

hi shelie, sorry you have had to join us, but your in safe hands now. You will be overwhelmed by the love and support from ladies on here who do know what your going through.

I am 45 with 3 kids and was DX on april 8th, had Mx like you. I have just had 2nd of 6 chemos and need rads, lymph node removal, overies removed and reconstruction. What fun we have on here.

I was told from a biopsy my lymph nodes were clear. In my head though i thought they have only tested one so how do they know for sure. When i had mx i had a sentinal node biopsy where they take just a few and guess wot…out of the 4 they did take 1 was infected so i was right. I now have to make a decision, do i have rest removed or i can have them zapped with radiotherapy. What i am trying to say is if there is a chance yours are infected and they are taking them all out then i don’t think it is a bad thing. I wish all mine had been taken out in the first place.

Regarding the MX i found that to be less of a problem than you think it might be. I was out within 2 days (would have been 1 day left to them) and then it was a case of resting for 6 weeks. It’s the emotional side of it that you may need more support for, but that is why were here.

Anyway i have rambled enough, tell us about yourself and if you have any questions, no natter how daft you think they are, then dont hesitate to ask us. We have heard them all before

Like you i was new to this in april, now with the knowladge i have learnt from here i could do a degree and specialize in BC lol (apart from the fact i cant spell)

Anyway keep in touch and try and relax this weekend
Luv Pauline xxx

Welcome Shelie - welcome to the forum. When first dx it is very frightening and it takes over your life. It does get easier though and the girls on the forum are a lifeline when you need to talk to people who understand.
Thinking about you.

Thankyou both for your kind messages I just need to try and get my head around it and am glad I found this forum. I am 35 years old and have a son who will be 8 in a couple of weeks and have been married for 9 years and my husband is being very supportive. Seeing him cry when I was diagnosed seemed to give me an inner strength but not sure where that has gone this morning. Anyway off to swimming lessons now with my son a bit a normality. Just a question for you all have any of you changed your diet since you were diagnosed and if so what changes have you made?

Hi Shellie, and welcome to the club none of us wanted to join. It’s good to hold onto your normality as much as you can - for a while it can feel like your whole life is about cancer. As for your diet question, I’ve had to change my diet to some extent as I have very little appetite, can only eat small meals. Also it was VERY unhealthy before - far too many cakes and sweets, which I really cant face any more. I try to eat lots of fruit and veg, and also keep my dairy and calcium intake up as once I go onto Arimedex that can apparently cause some osteoporosis. But also a little of what I fancy - strawberries and ice-cream at the moment!

hi shellie, i think diet is something to think about when your ready. You have a lot to deal with at min, just DX and surgery on Tuesday. You will probably find your taste changes anyway and you will have to eat what you fancy at the min. When all this is done i will be hammering on the door of weight watchers i think. steroids while having chemo to blame at min. Just think about getting your results and your surgery, there is plenty of time after to look into different diets etc. Take care of yourself

Luv pauline xxx

Hi Shellie

I was DCIS and had Sentinel Nodes (2)taken and were clear and this was done at the same time as mastectomy. We are all individuals and I didnt have any crying fit but I did have a diversion because at the same time I had empty nest syndrome and a new grandchild!

I am quite a positive person and saw it all as a challenge as if I was at work with a difficult case and had to work on a new strategy to solve the issues.

The diversion - any does seem to help but all in all I thank this site for good valid information, friends to be found and so importantly the support you get from the REAL people that have been through it or going through it and that was invaluable - even if you dont post.

I am now on Tamoxifen and hoping to return soon to work and feeling more healthy now than before it all (??)(mast 05/06). I eat better, exercise better and have more quality family time.

Please just feel what you want , when you want and if you post here someone will always answer you with truth and kindness and concern.

Good luck and one step at a time.