Diagnosed today...radiotherapy question

My biopsy results confirmed I have a 15mm DCIS early cancer to be removed 2 weeks today followed by 3 weeks of radiotherapy. The consultant and then BCN told me all the timelines and possible variables with margins etc but I can barely recall any of it. The BCN said she will call me tomorrow so I will write some questions down.
If I have surgery on 14th September (get over that) then radiotherapy for 3 weeks (get over that) do you think I will be able to go on holiday at Christmas? We have two weeks booked in St Lucia and don’t know whether we need to cancel or not. It will be around 28 degrees and they said you have to stay out of the sun…does that mean factor 50 and cover the area or not go at all?
Nikki x

Think you should be fine Nikki,but you will need factor 50 on affected area.It can be up to 8 weeks post op to start radiotherapy though post op .

Dr told me they will start it 3/4 weeks after surgery but her concern is whether the margins are clear because then I would need a 2nd surgery 4 weeks after the 1st and she worked out that took radio right up to the week before we fly. Insurance were rubbish when we phoned, said they can’t guarantee whether they would pay out if I wait until nearer the time and see how I am.

They will have to pay out if you are not ok -as long as you were diagnosed after you took out insurance and GP will support you .

We have an ongoing insurance through our bank that’s been in place for ages so that wouldn’t be a problem. My surgery is the 14th and balance due on 28th…hubby and I just decided if we can get the results on clear margins by 28th then we will go ahead and hope I’m ok with the radio but if they aren’t good then we will cancel. Im sure by Christmas it will be just the pick me up I will need.

Sounds like a good plan.

I’m loving the positive comments, I really don’t want to miss out on the holiday. I don’t get sunburn and have olive coloured skin, does that make a difference or not really?


I had to cancel a holiday this time last year after needing a second op to get clear margins. I had no problem getting the insurance to pay out, my doctor just signed a form saying I wasn’t fit to go. It cost me about £15 to the doctor, but I decided it was better to wait and go when I was really going to be well enough to get the most out of it.


I guess the best thing may be to wait and see how it all works out, if everything is fine with your first op and your rads do start in good time you may be fine for your holiday. I had to wait ten weeks for rads, they kept telling me that because it was only DCIS I wasn’t a priority.


Hope all goes well for you and you get to enjoy that fabulous holiday as planned.


Hi Dizzy…we did cancel in the end, I wasn’t happy to begin with but I think it is probably for the best this year. There were so many variables on when I would be ok so we will go late spring:early next summer instead. Both the radiographer and surgeon said it was the right thing to do.
Hope you are well…I get surgery results next Wednesday so hopefully a treatment plan and dates set. Nikki xx

Hi Dizzy…booking for next Christmas would be a good idea. I hope you have a fabulous (well earned) holiday and you get to enjoy it completely.
A good result for me will be everything was taken out in first op. Then get healed and start radiotherapy . Nikki x