diagnosed today

I am 56 years old and went for a routine 3 yearly mammogram on 16th August but was recalled for a second appointment on 27th August when I had a second mammogram together with an ultrasound scan and a biopsy. Waitng for the appointment until today was horrible.
At least now I know where I stand.
I have an invasive ductal carcinoma. My operation will be at my local Treatment Centre on 27th September and I will have radiotherapy evey day for at least three weeks after the op. Unfortunately this will involve a round trip of 50 miles every day as it can’t be done locally.
I’m to go on tamoxifen, and hope to get the prescription filled today so I can start it today.
One thing I’m curious about is that the surgeon offered me a kind of breast uplift at the same time. When I said I thought I’d look a little odd with one uplifted and the other droopy she said that the other one would be done at a later stage.
Anyone had this done? If so any advice would be welcome.

Hi Mouseybrown

Sorry to hear of your diagnosis today - I have not had the treatment you mention but am bumping yor post up in the hope that others may be able to help you.

lots of love, Mo x

HiMousey brown not sure what surgery you are having? Bumping this up Jackie

Hi mouseybrown

Sorry about your diagnosis, sending you hug. xx

I think a lot of times they like to give you the treatment you need first and then the corrective things later. That’s how they explained it to me, saying they would prefer me to go away and heal and take in what had happened then come back. I do think if you are not comfy with what they have offered they would listen to your concerns and maybe do both together. Not sure if any of that helps maybe someone will have had a more similar experience.

Wishing you all the best for your treatment.

Lots of love


im due surgery on 23rd im having a pocket which basically is keeping my own skin with a liquid filled bag inside it will look like one is uplifted and the other one droops was told they will look the same with a bra on this is only a tempory measure until i have a reconstruction not sure when that will be as i have only just finished chemo they said the reconstruction opp is about 11 hrs and was to soon after chemo not sure of the time scale will no at a later date.hope this is a bit helpful take care

Thanks everyone. They told me that they would be taking out the lump and will also look at the lymph nodes.
They’ve put me on tamoxifen as although I’m 56 I’m still getting periods.
The wait for the op (not til 27th) seems along time to me, but at least I now know what I’m facing.
They are setting up a new MRI scanner at my local hospital and the surgeon asked me if I’d go along and help them get it set up correctly. I’m not sure what this entails but I suppose they need to practise on some women to get it started properly. I agreed as I’d like to help other women.
I feel very calm at the moment, haven’t cried yet and think I need to be strong for my husband and sons.
I’ve had a good look at the posts on this site and eveyone is so supportive of everyone else.

Hi Mouseybrown, I’m sorry you’re having to wait for your op. I think the waiting is really hard. I had my op 16 days ago. I had a wide local excision and 9 lymph nodes removed. When I was waiting for the op I had a wonderful friend who kept me busy most days doing something nice, shopping, a long walk etc. It certainly helped.
I think having someone you can offload on really helps. This forum is great and everyone is really supportive.
Trying to put on a brave face all the time takes its toll so I have started to write a journal, which helps too. Being able to write about how you’re really feeling, the positives as well as the negatives.

Hang on in there! Big hug! Kaz xx

Hi Mouseybrown
Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Excellent news that they don’t seem to be planning chemo for you. Radio is a pain in terms of putting your life on hold for 3 weeks but not as bad as chemo (in my opinion).

50 miles is a long way - you may be lucky and not get tired after radio (I was one of the lucky ones and felt fine) but lots of people get really really tired so may be a good idea to factor that in - like have you got anyone else who could drive you, even if not every day? It’s quite tiring having to drive that far every day at the best of times but if you have been nuked as well, then you could be really exhausted.

Keep smiling

Hi mouseybrown - I am sorry you have had to join us in this all- too - popular ‘club’ .

I was also picked up on a routine mammo (although older than you) and actually didn’t have my op.until 6 weeks after the diagnosis was confirmed.
I had a wide local excision ( lumpectomy) and thought I would just have rads afterwards but unfortunately ended up having to have chemotherapy as well- which isn’t a bundle of laughs, so I do hope you escape this.
I lived an hour’s drive from the hospital but didn’t drive myself every day. Actually the 3 weeks passed very quickly and I did not have any side effects or feel particularly tired- so I hope you will be the same.
Good luck anyway.

Hi mouseybrown

Welcome to the BCC discussion forums. As you can see you’ll get lots of good support from your fellow forum users who have a wealth of information and experience between them.

Just as a little extra support I have put for you below links to a couple of BCC’s publications which you may find helpful. Never be afraid to ask here, there’s always someone to answer your questions and there’s also the BCC helpline where the staff will also help you.

Resource pack:

Breast cancer and you:

Hope these help. Take care,
Jo, Facilitator

Hello Mouseybrown, So sorry you find yourself here but you will get so much support and advice, the forum was invaluable to me.

Like you, my cancer was identified at my (second) routine mammogram (I was 53 at the time). I had SNB,a wide local excision and my surgoen performed a reduction and uplift to both sides, all at the same time.

I experienced absolutely no problems after the procedures and, just over one year on, all is well.

My results showed a grade 3, invasive ductal tumour and I then experienced the delights of the chemo suite for 6 months. I also had 6 weeks of radiotherapy. My treatment centre is about an hour’s drive from me but I drove myself there and back each day. Not saying I wasn’t absolutely tired out at the end!!!

It is not easy but it is do-able. I used to say to myself “today always becomes yesterday, this week/year will become last week/year and I will eventually talk about this in the past tense” And now I am talking about it in the past tense!!! It is over!

Good luck and keep posting. Feel free to pm me if you want to know any more about the reduction/uplift.


Thanks Sheila,
Great to hear of a successful optimisic outcome
Not sure how to PM you. I spoke to the cancer nurse by phone yesterday and I’m seeing another surgeon tomorrow about the reduction and uplift. She said that the the surgeon I saw on Friday would do the op to remove the cancer but another one would do the uplift and it’s him I’m seeing tomorrow. Apparantly they won’t do them both at once but I will have to wait for about 6 months in between and they would give me a prothesis (not sure of spelling) to wear for this period of time. Also I won’t start the radiotherapy til about 6 weeks after the op, and that I will know whether it has spread to the lymph nodes two weeks after the operation.
I was supposed to be on holiday this week but things have changed somewhat. I can’t bear the thought of going back to work next week and am thinking of getting signed off if my GP will agree. But then I feel a bit of a fraud, after all I’m not set to have the op til 27th after all.
The cancer nurse advised me to do what I thought was right - I’d assumed that I’d have the op, immediately followed by 3 weeks radiography then back to work straight after. I didn’t realise that there would be a six week wait for the radiography to begin.
I seem to be assuming that everything’s going to go the way I want it.
I spilt some tea on my nightie this morning and had my first cry since I got the news last week.
It’s my fateher in law’s funeral on Thursday and I hope I don’t collapse as people will think I’m overcome with grief for him when I’m really selfishly crying for myself!