Diagnosed Today


I’ve just joined this site as I am in a bubble and do not know where else to turn to. I found a lump about 6 weeks ago, saw my doctor and they referred me to the breast clinic. My mum died from breast cancer when she was 27, so I have always been careful to check for things.

Well, not only is the lump I found a tumour, they also found another in my left breast. They have recommended a double mastectomy, given my family history. To say I am scared is a bit of an understatement.

I don’t know what to do. If I have the lumps removed and further treatment, then I don’t have to undergo the major surgery and save having reconstructive surgery.

Any advice on how to get a second opinion and basically how to cope with the next few days would be appreciated.



I am so sorry to hear your news. I don’t feel that I can give you advice on what you should do or how to go about it. Only you and your immediate family can help you with that but listen to what the medics have to say and make the decision that is right for you.

But what I really want to say is that there are some wonderful people on this site who will give you so much support and love. Wishing you every best wish on the journey you have joined us on

Sharon x

Hi Poannie

I am sorry to hear of your recent diagnosis, but would like to welcome you to the Forums. I am sure you will receive lots of helpful advice and support from our users.

Below is a link to a Breast Cancer Care publication Resources Pack which can be ordered on line, it is filled with information to help you better understand your diagnosis, test results and the various treatments available.


I do hope you find this information useful.

Kind Regards

Breast Cancer Care

Thank you for the support. I am sure I’ll be on this forum pretty much on a daily basis, reading all your thoughts and opinions on things…

Just don’t quite know how to deal with things at the moment.

Hi poannie

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Of course you can ask for a second opinion, and your Consultant will not have a problem with you doing such. It is a massive decision you have to make, and you need to be fully in control of it and fully aware of what all the options are. I would ring your breast care nurse (have you seen one, I assume so?) and say that is what you want to do.

As for getting through the next few days, it will be hard but remember you are not alone. We are all here on this site for you if you need to rant and rave. I would draw upon support from close friends/family - it’s very difficult to go through this alone, don’t try to be stoic. If you are having trouble sleeping or anything, perhaps you can go to the GP and ask for a short course of sleeping tablets, just to get you over that.

Best of luck and thinking of you,

Hi Poannie,

So sorry to hear of your diagnosis I was in the same position July last year, initially I had a lumpectomy, followed by a WLE unfortunately with no clear margins, I was advised by my surgeon to have a bilateral mastectomy (both my mother and sister have had breast cancer), my world fell apart I could not imagine myself with no breasts (I’m now 42). I asked about immediate reconstruction but at that time we didn’t know whether or not I’d need chemo or rads or my surgeon said that it was not an option at that stage. I had the mastectomy on 23rd Aug 06 and believe me it wasn’t easy coping but I did feel alittle better once out of hosp and able to wear the prosthesis, luckily I didn’t need chemo or rads and so was referred for recon. I am now 6 weeks post op recon using the skin and muscle from the back and am so happy with the results, obviously it hasn’t come painfree but the pain is manageable with painkillers. All I can advise is if you are considering recon then by having a bilateral mastectomy the plastice surgeon has a blank canvas (surgeons words) to work with, you are going to get a matching pair of boobs.

Hope this helps, try and keep positive, you will get lots of support on this site, I know I did.

Take Care