Diagnosed today

Hi everyone, I’ve just been diagnosed today with breast cancer that has gone into my lymph nodes. Even though I was expecting it I am still so shocked. I spent the whole time at the hospital in tears and did not really take much in about what they said.  I have to have a ct scan, breast mri and heart scan next week and will be having chemo first before surgery. They said the cancer is ER+ PR weakly+ and HER+ and is stage 2. Can any one explain what all this means for me. They also said I would have herceptin.  Thanks, Janey xxx

Hi Janey, I don’t fully understand what all of the above means and so I won’t comment on that. What I will say is that your reaction sounds very like my own. I’m also having chemo before surgery (starting week after next) and I’m terrified but I’ve found this forum to be very helpful. Sending hugs x

Hi Janey
I am sorry to read your news, I am sure the support and shared experiences on here will help

I am posting a link to the BCC ‘Understanding your pathology report’ which will help to explain the terms and our helpliners will also be on hand to go through anything you are unsure about:


Take care

Helpline 0808 800 6000 weekdays 9-5 and Sat 10-2

Hi Janey,
Firstly sorry to hear of your diagnosis, not news anyone wants to hear.
The stage is how much the cancer has grown, size and spread.
The ER+, PR+, HER2+ are whether the type of cancer is responsive to various things. E.g. ER is oestrogen, so ER+ means that oestrogen will make the cancer grow… at least that’s my understanding.
Being ER and PR positive means that hormone therapy, eg tamoxifen will help prevent future recurrence.
And herceptin deals with the HER2+ result.

I am also positive for all of these, I had a mastectomy, now doing chemo, then will have herceptin and tamoxifen.

I wish you luck on this traumatic journey, this forum is very supportive and we will help as much as we can.

If you need to talk through your particular diagnosis then ring your breast care nurse at the hospital, they are great and will totally understand that you won’t have taken everything in at the meeting.

Take care, speak soon.
Carmen xx

Hi Janey, take deep breaths.
This is all overwhelming and the roller coaster will continue for sometime but you’ll get through it.
Stage 2 means the cancer has spread, probably to your lymph notes - did you have biopsies?
The Path results are positive i.e. since they are all positive it gives the doctors more options/broad spectrum to work with to come up with the specific treatment plan for you.
Please review the link provided by Lucy and prepare you own questions for your next appointment or if you can’t wait that long you could always talk to BCN x

Hi  Janey

Slightly different track to you but on a similar ride…

no words just (hug)


Hi janeyx. U r doing really well honey xxx.
I’m due to start chemo and expect it to b start of March - on the going through treatment forum under chemo monthly threads I’ve started one for March starters so we can help each other out a bit x feel free to join me there!
My chemo is post surgery … Lobular is difficult to detect on ultrasound and mamoogram so that will b why they want the mri scan. Try not to worry about that - they are just checking their own results . Mri noisy but honestly not too bad .
I am scared a lot about chemo and spent today on and off tears - but weWILL do this xx lots and lots of love Sarah

Ps Im not bothering with cold cap as I’m a single parent and it extends time in hosp ( need to b home!) but also mainly because I’ve been through enough recently and don’t want anything more tough then it has to b! ( such a wuss) however for many people it is great and if u do try it take all the hints on the chemo pages - lots of people are real advocates of it xxx

Hi all,
My chemo was postponed yesterday, full story on Jan monthly thread. So I’m looking forward to a week free from drugs. Hair is continuing to come out and is extremely thin now.
Anyway, good luck to you all xx

Sorry you’re having such a miserable time of it Janey and wish I had some words of comfort to give you but I think it is no bad thing that your family know how difficult this is for you.  I know you are used to caring for the family but that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to be looked after yourself - your children will understand and hopefully, when they’ve got over the worst of the shock, will be able to comfort you a bit and they will certainly understand that you can’t be your usual self.  THIS IS NOT YOUR FAULT! you have absolutely no reason to feel guilty.


This is a scary journey to be on and you’ll need loads of support, we all do, and I think you and your family just need some time to accept that you can’t be your old self for a while.



Hi Janet x I know eXACTLY what you mean about showing the children u r upset and it upsetting them - I had a v bad experience at the gp yesterday ; won’t go into it but am now waiting for a referral to the hospital - it tipped me well and truly over and I bawled my eyes out when I got home - daughters hugging me crying too - horrendous x today I went for a long walk and cried again! But was better for when I got home - smiling and feeling okish - my daughters said that they thought it was good that I lost it :slight_smile: - they said it wouldn’t b normal not to be crying - today I realised that sometimes it’s all just too much and crying is your body releasing the stress and anxiety as much as everything else x you take care - ur children understand xxx

Janey ! Sorry autocorrect on ur name x


Sending you hugs. I had a complete meltdown in the supermarket before my op! Someone took the last packet of chocolate biscuits I was looking forward to and I sobbed! Soo embarrassing and when a kindly shop assistant offered to go and get some more out of the stockroom, I cried even more! Next day, husband brought 6 packs home from the local shop, in case I went bonkers again, ha ha! X