Diagnosed today.

Hi everyone

I was diagnosed today tumour in armpit. Apparently mammograms dont pick them up, so good job I went digging. Chemo due to start to shrink tumour first, so first oncology appt next wednesday, ct scans blood tests etc. Anyone else due to start? Saw some of you talking about kits and wigs!  Think I have decided not to go down cold cap route, and just give in to wigs, any advice where to go etc? Am resigned to it all, as the Bear Hunt says ( childrens book for those of you with no children or grandkids) cant go under it, cant go over it, just have to go through it! Lol x

Hi Mooney
Welcome to the forum no one wants to join! I’m glad you’ve found it though as it’s a good place to ask advice etc.
I’m half way through chemo, round 3 today. There will be a thread started up for November starters so if you fall into that then def have a nosey on there.
I am cold capping although have bought a wig just in case. I went to a local wig shop, but there are ladies on here who have bought theirs online. One lady I’ve met bought some of hers on Ebay and they look fantastic. Also not sure if you’re aware of it but there is a workshop called Look Good. Feel Better. They take place in many hospitals and they are really worth going too. You get a goody bag at the end full of full size products to take home, and I mean full! I ended up with Estes Lauder skin care. Yves st Laurent make up and all sorts of other bits. The ladies show you how to draw brows on etc. It’s well worth booking in.
Ha, I’m very familiar with Bear Hunt, my daughter is 6 and it was her favourite book!
Good luck with everything and keep us posted how you’re getting on. You sound very positive which is good. Most people will agree the waiting is the worse bit. Once treatment starts you will be surprised how fast it goes.
Sarah xx

Hi Mooney

If you’re not going down the cold cap route then hopefully your hospital will give you some suggestions about wig suppliers/shops in your area. I was fortunate in that my local hospital had a monthly session where a specialist came in for appointments. They phoned the day before my appointment and got some ideas of how I did my hair and then at the appointment had a selection for me to try on and it was paid for by the NHS. You can of course upgrade to more expensive wigs/hair but that’s a personal choice. Do take someone with you - my hubby and I have got into the habit of seeing the funny and lighthearted moments in pretty much everything that we have gone through so far. I have been browsing for hats with my daughter and that had some particularly giggly moments. Much like the Bear Hunt - you have go through it and you will eventually come out the other side but instead of the bear chasing you - the BC will have been well truly chased away.:catlol:

Thankyou Sarah and Swampy. Very helpful, can’t afford Estee Lauder so look forward to that little treat! Away for a last trip in our caravan for the year with my shocked husband.He is trying hard, making me lots of cups of coffee lol! If I knew how to post pictures on here I’d post one of the bottle of bubbles and two glasses we had in celebration when we arrived , but will just say cheers ladies instead. Difficult job of telling the children next week:( ?

Hi Mooney

Enjoy your caravan trip. Hope the bubbles went down well!
I’ve just booked a cottage for New Year for the 3 of us. We had to cancel our summer hol so as soon as chemo is over (Nov) I thought I’d book a trip away.
I’m glad your husband is being supportive. That makes a big difference.
Good luck with telling the kids. X