Diagnosed triple neg/apocrine cancer

I had my results today.  Lumpectomy and snb was 30 August. 


It’s stage 1, grade 2  IDC, clear nodes and no vascular invasion.  However, it i, as I expected,  triple negative and also apparently apocrine, which I have found is a rare kind of breast cancer.  I understand this won’t affect my treatment though. 


I am seeing an oncologist on 30 September with a view to starting chemo in October.  This will be 4-6 months followed by radiation.   I have been told I will be off work for 9 months.  I teach so this makes it more difficult to maintain while undergoing chemo due to infection risks. 


I am posting a link about apocrine cancer in case anyone else is affcted by it and wants information.  I can’t find anything on this website about it. 






Hi Anne


That’s a new one on me I am triple negative but not heard of apocrine? Read the link though and sounds like it is not “bad” news as seems to be very treatable.  Another thing is that triple negative usually is a grade 3 so that’s good too that yours was a grade 2 so less aggressive.

Good luck for your appointment with onc and chemo if you do have to have it.



Apocrine cancer too. Not a lot of info out there and study abstracts have very small numbers. I think the largest I found had 3 patients. Progressing slowly along the path now. Good luck to all you fellow apocrine patients.