Diagnosed Wednesday morning can't sleep,

At this time of the night when everyone seems to sleep I’m wide awake thinking of my kids and grandkids

Hi Benji1

Welcome to the forums.  I’m sorry to read you’re struggling to sleep.  May I suggest that you might find it helpful to give the BCC helpline a call on 0808 800 6000.  Here you can talk through your thoughts and concerns with a memeber of staff who will offer you a listening ear as well as emotional support and practical information.  Lines are open weekdays 9 to 5pm and Saturday 10 to 2pm.

Best wishes Sam, BCC Facilitator 

Hello your not alone my diagnosis was on Monday I was exactly the same I’ve calmed down now,told my family and decided to trust my Dr and his team to start the right treatment for me.this forum is great and also I’ve phoned the helpline to ask a few questions ,they were very understanding and put a lot of my fears at rest I feel so much better now good luck with your treatment xxxbarbara


I barely slept for weeks after my diagnosis, spent many a night surviving on a couple of hours, a couple of months down the line with op and full results out of the way my sleeping is gradually getting better and although I’ve still got radiotherapy to go through in a few weeks I’m feeling a lot calmer and more accepting of everything, you don’t feel you will at the time but you do, I would read in the early hours instead of lying and thinking and often that would help me nod off for a while, I did ask for sleeping pills but the DR was reluctant so put me on antidepressants instead which have helped me, things do get easier it just takes time for your brain to process it all, take care love Jo xxx

Hi Benji, I’m so sorry to hear of your diagnosis. Your post reminded me of two years ago when I was diagnosed.



I couldn’t sleep - if I did it was only for a few hours. It will get better, but it takes a while for all your thoughts to gradually settle into acceptance. It’s the anxiety. Thoughts of your family and how they will cope are the worst:(


Hang in there! You are being well looked after:)


Best wishes and big hugs

x x

Hi all, new to the board and recently diagnosed with ICD to left boob,  ER+HER2 positive…had biopsy 23/05 and told then would be positive … finally confirmed yesterday.

Been referred for neo-adjuvant treatment and meet oncologist on 15/05…The wait is terrible and seems so long between diagnosis and planning, …the nights are definitely the worst, I’ve started a blog just to keep my sanity.

I slept probably1-2hrs a night for a week but after finally getting results and telling our daughter + and all those who matter, I slept all last night.!!

Once I know the plan then I can focus on the journey ahead…roll on the 15th. Have few scans before and trying to keep busy/distracted. 

Hope you start to feel better and get rest as able…cat naps have been my saviour…intended or not I seem to just nod off.

Take care love.


Hi all, thank you for your messages, still only managing a couple of hours here and there, everyone now knows, which has helped in a way, and although I was only diagnosed on Wednesday, operation is booked for the 19th may, I am positive, and trust the doctors :relaxed::relaxed: I intend to make the most of the next couple of weeks and keep super busy, must have the cleanest cupboards around upto now ? hope you all have a good bank holiday Monday…Elaine xx

Oh lovely ladies I feel so much for you …everything seems so much bleaker in the middle of the night. I can say any words that will stop you worrying for now. I know because on 16th July 2014 I was in the same position …recently diagnosed and the future seemed so uncertain. Surgery and treatment followed and here i am now …back in work since January and honestly i font think about my cancer everyday now. Yes I’m physically changed; and yes cancer has changed me but some of the changes are actually good. Never forget there’s always sunshine after rain xx

Hi helenrose. So nice to read your post glad you are doing ok, can I ask how long were you off work, I have only been off since my diagnosis my op is on the 19th of May and treatment 8 weeks later not sure how long to expect to be off work

Thanks Kim , I have been advised to stay off work untill after my op which is only a week away. I’m fine with that it’s how long after… Some have said 3 months and others longer don’t know may just see how I feel

Hi all,

I had my diagnosis March 2014, really struggled with sleep, but because i wanted to be in work my GP prescribed Atarax, an antihistamine that knocks me out. I still will take it occassionally if stressed , like the furst year on mamo…

Wishing you all an uneventful route thru your particular treatment and care pathways.

LL xx

Dear Benji, I was diagnosed yesterday and for the first time since “something was detected” I couldn’t sleep a wink last night.  Kept thinking about how, if there wasn’t any medical intervention I would be dead at 58.  It’s terribly morbid but how do you stop these thoughts?  My youngest daughter is terribly distressed and I feel so guilty. My eldest is expecting her first baby in August and now I have ruined all the excitement. 


 It’s been a month since your post and do hope your treatment has started and you are feeling better?

Thanks so much for replying. It is encouraging to hear your story. I don’t have a date for surgery yet but I’m hoping that once I get on with the treatment things will start to get brighter. Word is just getting around my friends and I’m finding it so hard to speak to them. Does this get easier?

I only told those that needed to know, there are still plenty of people who don’t and that’s the way I like it , and yes things get better but you have to go through the shock and fear of initial diagnosis first, we’ve all been there but a few months on I’m 1 week in to a course of 3 week rads then other than taking Tamoxifen for the next 5 years that’s it for me, I’ve been very lucky and plan to get on with my lovely life and put all this behind me, my BC was caught incredibly early at grade 1 and completely removed so I I know how lucky I am and intend to make the list of my life and not spend of worrying, you will get there it just takes some some to accept what’s happened to you, take care love Jo xx

I am so happy to hear your story Kim and thanks for being so reassuring. Only problem is that I have level 2 ( not sure what means) but it doesn’t sound too good! Can anyone help as my worry levels are going up again.

Thanks. X

Hi Jennifed don’t know whether you mean grade 2 or stage 2. Grade refers to the rate at which the cancer cells divide and staging is how far the cancer has spread. Try not to worry, easier said than done I know. Stage 1 2 and 3 are all classed as early stage Breast cancer. Grade 2 or stage 2 is nothing to worry about. Xx

I was just going to say the same Petal, stage 2 is still very early stuff, I know it’s so hard not to panic and we’ve all been there but the one thing I’ve learned above all else is not to try and second guess the outcome, I was referrered with a lump I was convinced was cancer but turned out to be fat, my cancer was only found by sheer accident whilst having a biopsy on another harmless lump, and although I was told it was grade 1 until I’d had the lumpectomy and node biopsy I was in hell, convinced it was everywhere! the waiting is just awful but try not to wind yourself in to a worse state until you know for sure xx

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