Diagnosed with bc after having implants

I’ve made a couple of posts on the forum but have actually not mentioned that I also have had breast augmentation. In 2002 I had PIP implants, due to very lopsided breasts. The procedure was not done on the NHS. Following all the coverage of the PIP horror stories, I had my implants removed and replaced in January 2013. I was diagnosed with IDC grade 3 in April and had WLE and SNB on 1 May. I know I’ll be having radiotherapy which in all likelihood will affect the implants. Is there anyone on the forum who has been in this position. I feel extremely isolated right now, knowing that rad treatment will cause capsular contracture involving further surgery most probably.

Evening Jbf.


Sorry that you are feeling isolated and honestly i haven’t seen anybody else post anything similar.


That said, just to be posting on here means we are all in the same cra**y club…so hope that you can gain some support from the forum.


I had neo adjuvant Chemo then Therapeutic Mastopexy (removed about 1/3rd of my right breast, and remodeled from what was left).  A gorgeous pert c/d cup.  Sadly i didn’t have clear margins and had further surgery which culminated in a mastectomy. i was devasted as she was going to go back and match the left one at later date.


In the remaining 450 grams there was only one 2mm area of concern, good clear margins, and the Surgeon put a tissue expander in (as planned)  with a plan to replace with permanent silicone and mastopexy to left side at same time.  She did this assuming Radiotherapy wouldn’t be necessary but following the surgery the Oncologist strongly recommended Radiotherapy as it would give an extra few % according to predict.  This was one time when i had to make the decision myself, they were not in agreement,  and i was a bit cross, particularly as i hadn’t realised this beforehand.  Surgeon felt the risk of capsular contracture was not something she wanted to chance but Oncologist felt it a risk worth taking for the added %.


So i have had 15 sessions (two areas Centre and underarm) and this has made very little difference to the temporary saline implant. The area has tightened slightly / skin thickened but i used Aqueous cream ++++ during Radiotherapy (August 2013) and still massage all the area.  I tend to use an almond oil now. I experienced some pitting / adhered skin and cording in surgery so asked for referral to Physio who used to massage all the area and taught my Husband to do it (I am so grateful 'cos this means i can have it done 2/3 times per week.which he dutifully does).  This may have kept skin supple / streched.


I am just waiting for a date for surgery.  Going for pre op 14.5.2014 so hopefully soon and i will have the temporary expander removed, replaced with permanent silicone, and a nipple created on the right and the Mastopexy to left side.  I will be glad to get the surgery done now and i know they have to warn about the Capsular contracture but i’v been fine really.


Not sure if that’s any help but it’s very early days for you only 9 days post surgery.  Hope you are taking it easy.


Take Care   Gilly x  

Hi Jbf57

Along with the support here you are welcome to call our helpline to talk your concerns over, lines are open weekdays 9-5 and Saturdays 10-2 on 0808 800 6000

Take care
Lucy BCC