Diagnosed with DCIS today

I went to the GP because I was worried about my right breast. She found nothing but referred me to the breast clinic. The doctor there found nothing, but gave me a mammogram (2 years since my last), 3 mammograms, 1 scan and a biopsy later they have diagnosed DCIS, high grade, but only 1cm in my left breast!

I am fairly calm. My daughter had leukaemia at the age of 8 (she now has her own beautiful little girl) and I suppose if feel if she can get through all that treatment, no doubt I can deal with this.

I am a little confused though and I didnt realise I was until I read the posts on this forum. I saw a surgeon today and she said I would have the lump removed and then it may or may not be followed up with radio therapy, yet on here people are referring to MRI scans, further tests and possibly mx. Why arent I have any more tests?

I know I need to speak to my breast care nurse, but Im not going to be able to do that for a couple of days.

Thank you.

Hi minij

Sorry to hear you have dcis, however this is the earliest form of breast cancer and doesn’t have the power to spread to other parts of the body, so you wouldn’t need scan to check for spread like Bone scan or CT.

With regards to MRI this isn’t routinely done fr somebody with dcis unless there are suspicions that there might be cancer there not showing on Mammo or ultrasound… Eg if there was a lump that can be felt but not seen, or when somebody has lobular cancer as this type hows up better on MRI… There is some debate over the use of MRI in diagnosing DCIS as this tends to show up best on Mammo.

Lumpectomy plus radiotherapy is the normal treatment for dcis however if the area to be removed is large then the recommended treatment would be a mastectomy without radiotherapy… From what they can see of yours it must be quite straightforward and they are able to tell you the plan of action.

Very occasionally when the pathologist looks at the leision under the microscope they will see some invasive cells which means the cancer has come out if the duct and into the breast tissue and this would normally require another op under your arm, but this is a very rare occurrence.

Take care
Lulu x

Hi minij

Welcome to the BCC forums, please feel free to call our helpline team where you can talk over your concerns, the lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 9-2 Sat on 0808 800 6000

Below is a link to the BCC information booklet about DCIS which you may find helpful:


Best wishes

Thank you so much Lulu and Lucy. I was worried I was missing out on something important!

I thought it might be helpful to say that I was diagnosed with DCIS in June 2011. I had a high grade abnormality of 18mm in my left breast. This was identified following a routine mammogram (I am 51). I had a lumpectomy and my specialist offered my the choice of whether or not to have radiotherapy (I was surprised at this because I thought radiotherapy would have been de rigeur?). I decided not to have it following a discussion with the surgeon and the specialist nurse. Because I had not started the menopause I was prescribed Zoladex. I am currently on the three monthly injection implant. I have had some side effects which include joint pain, nausea, fatigue and blurred vision, these are annoying but, on the bright side, I have not put on weight, I have actually lost weight and my hair, skin etc is ok. When I was first diagnosed I expected the worse case scenario, but it has not been as bad as I thought. Hope this helps. Ant x