Diagnosed yesterday after routine mamogram

Hi, I’m 51 years old and had a routine mamogram 4 weeks ago. Yesterday I was diagnosed with a small breast cancer. My worry is I don’t feel worried!!! Has anyone else felt this way?? I can only think it’s because my mum went through exactly the same this time last year and touch wood everything thankfully seems to have gone good for her. It really is worrying me how well I’ve taken this totally unexpected news xxx


Hi Murphy, welcome to the BCC forums where you will continue to find and share support with your fellow users

You may find the following information and further support ideas in this link to the BCC ‘Just diagnosed’ pages helpful:


Take care
Lucy BCC

Hi, thanks for the welcome. I have been reading some of the posts on here and some of them are so sad, I’m sorry I made such a stupid comment about not being worried when so many are beside themselves with worry.

I go to see the surgeon on Thursday so will find out a bit more of what’ll be happening.

Love to everyone on here that is going through such an awful experience xxxx


I too was very calm when I was told I had two tumours in my left breast (having gone with problems with the right breast!) and I also went back to work in the afternoon.  In the lead up to surgery (about three weeks) I went to work and kept busy at home, and filled my head with other things.  I think the reality of my situation hit me when I arrived at hopital on Monday for the surgery, then because I was last on the list waited all day.  Even then I managed to be calm and read a whole book!  Now I have to wait to see if it has spread to the sentinel nodes, so another couple of weeks waiting. 

We are all different and we accept that everyone responds in different ways and I have felt that nobody on this forum judges anyone else at all - this to me is hugely supportive, as I feel I can say what I want and need to and so should you Murphy1963.  I wish you the very best with your treatment, and you should share your experiences as it is so helpful to read how others are dealing with things.