diagnosed yesterday grade3

I have been diagnosed yesterday with invasive ductal carcinoma grade 3 and pre invasive ductal carcinoma high grade both in left breast one upper inner and one lower inner quadrant. Been told a full is only option for me. Had chest xray and bloods and go back next week for mri scan… It’s the scariest thing ever and I have a one year old to consider…

Hello, I was also diagnosed yesterday with grade 3 invasive ductal carcinoma and had a chest X-ray and bloods. I’m pregnant with my first child as well and classed as ‘young’. It’s all very scary and confusing!

A full mysectomy sorry…phone!

I am so sorry to both of you. I am up and down too. I’m waiting for staging, had chest xray and bloods. I have mri next week and full mysectomy on 3rd July. We have to fight! I have supported and charitied for cancer research all my life and so has my family so fingers crossed. Preying for you both that the outcome is good xx

Hi Donna

Going for my appointment this afternoon to discuss my results. The first WLE didn’t achieve clear margins and the SNB came back positive for cancer. So need further surgery :frowning:

Today will be the case of deciding whether to have chemo first or the further surgery. Been beside myself this morning not been able to sleep and being in depths of despair. Don’t want to be on this journey and don’t know where I am going to find the strength to get through this ordeal.

Never been so terrified in my life and even after the treatment is finished I will be looking over my shoulder for the rest of my life.

Have short periods where I cope quite well and then it hits me I have BC and I go back downhill :frowning: hope you are right and that I will feel better when there is a treatment plan in place.

Feel for everyone having to go through this nightmare! Xx

Thanks everyone. Not hardly slept these last few nights, keep having horrible thoughts of despair and that I am not going to get through this :frowning:

Has everyone else have problems sleeping and what can I do to sleep better? The lack of sleep and appetite is affecting me and I m still in bed at this time in the afternoon! Xx

Thanks jbf57 for your tips to sleep better. I was sleeping ok up to a few days ago but the thoughts of chemo, further surgery and the horrible uncertainty of the future has affected my sleep now :frowning:

Think will try and get out of bed to go for a walk in the rain and adopt some mindfulness. Hopefully the walk might tire me out so can sleep a bit better tonight.

Will need to try and eat small meals to keep my strength up for chemo. I have lost so much weight these last couple of months. My stomach is nice and flat now.

We can’t let this bloody cancer beat us but it’s difficult when the fear grips you that much that you can’t barely function.

Good luck with chemo on Wednesday, let me know how it goes. I am terrified of the unknown and chemo is the unknown. Going to see the oncologist on Tuesday to discuss the chemo in more detail. Think like you will be having chemo before further surgery.

Good luck xx

Hi maltomlin 1

Thanks for your story of hope :slight_smile: you had the same grade cancer I have so good to hear that you are well and disease free after 6 years.

It’s been really dreadful and the terror I am feeling is overwhelming :frowning: my life has been taken over by this dreadful disease. Hope I can get through this and have a disease-free life ahead of me xx

Hi Donna

Been for a very long walk in my area to try and tire myself out for tonight. Yeah think will need to get something from my g.p to help me sleep.

Think it’s the thought of the impending chemotherapy that keeps me awake at night with the hair loss and side effects plus the morbid thoughts you get when cancer is involved!

Did you feel better when you started chemo and what is it like? To develop cancer is such a massive and terrifying shock. It’s awful to think your own DNA could do this to you. Even after treatment has finished you still have to cope with the uncertainty whether it will come back. That’s something I am really struggling with :frowning: xxxx

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Hi Shelley1
It is lonely having breast cancer as even though you have the support of your friends/family. They may not ever had cancer so they will never truly know how terrifying it is.

That’s why it’s good to come on here as we are all going through the horrible nightmarish journey. When you are on here you don’t feel so lonely as everyone is going through the same thing.

When I was first diagnosed my overwhelming feeling was GET IT OUT OF ME and had to wait 4 weeks for my op. That’s was the longest 4 weeks of my life having to live each day with the knowledge that I had IT inside my chest and the worry what it may be doing inside me.

It’s been removed now which is a big relief but unfortunately need more surgery to remove more tissue and a node clearance. Then chemo, rads and 5-10 years of tamoxifen. It’s a small but aggressive cancer but due to my age they are throwing everything at it to ensure a cure for me :slight_smile: I have to seek comfort in the fact they are doing everything they can to get this sorted for me.

I am just grateful that I have found it early as if I didn’t then it could have been a lot worse :frowning:

Have you got a date for your op? Mine was booked in after the results of the MRI came back.

All the best and remember you are not alone when you have this dreadful illness xxx

Hi hbunny - I only had an MRI scan initially to decide whether a lumpectomy or mastectomy was the best course of action, even though I had a very swollen lymph node which was my first indication of a problem. After that I didn’t have any other scans, despite being grade 3, 5 affected lymph nodes - one with extra nodal extension, lymphovascular invasion and being triple negative.


I think different NHS trusts just do things differently. I know someone in a different area who had various scans even though she wasn’t as high risk for recurrence as me.



I hope you had a better day today hbunny. And I hope things went well for you Jo, with your appointment.


The dreaded waiting. I don’t know if you’ve seen the poetry thread from a while back. I posted a poem that I wrote during a time when I was a bit down and couldn’t sleep and I kept thinking, if only we had an off switch so I could get some respite - and that was in my pre-cancer days. I need it even more now. I think it may strike a cord with you all:


Where’s the off switch?


Find a switch to turn off my brain

Before it drives me more insane.

A flaw I think in evolution

So tweak a gene and find a solution.


If there’s a God he didn’t plan

For one like me when creating man.

The off switch, which he sadly omitted

Draws me close to being committed.


If there’s a God what did he do?

He really didn’t think it through.

Perhaps a prototype he had in sight

And after me he’d get it right.


A manual override he should have inserted

Then all this torment he could have averted.

But then, I don’t believe in Him.

So to allocate blame – where to begin?


Sleep deprivation, I should say,

Led me to this right of way.

Not a path I’d choose to take

But was no choice that I could make.


Another night and still awake

Driving me mad, for pity’s sake

Let me sleep, or in the morning

I’ll be fit for nowt but just for yawning!


Only during troubled times

Does poetry then spring to mind.

At the edge of sanity creativeness

Keeps me awake and adds to stress.


I think the rhyme is running out

Just as well or I might shout

And ball and scream and throw a tantrum

Just from sheer exasperation.



I hope my reference to being a non-believer doesn’t offend anyone. Love and hugs to all.





Hi hbunny - I hope all goes well at your oncology meeting on Thursday. I’ll be under anaesthetic then while they have another attempt at getting rid of the darned mutants so won’t be on the Forum for two or three days.


Shelly - I know just what you mean about knowing it’s there and growing - the fear can be quite overwhelming. I try to drown out the thoughts with music but sometimes it’s just not possible. At times I’m next to useless at work, particularly when there’s so many other things going on, it makes it all harder to deal with. Good luck with your MRI results.


XXX to all.