Diagnosed yesterday, Stage 3 2cm Invasive Ductile Cancer me at age 40........

Completely new to this, think I am still in a bit of denial. I’ve been through most emotions in the last 24hrs. Having convinced myself all was ok the Dr dropped me a bombshell yesterday. Was ok with the diagnosis but the part where they say they can fit a wig knocked me for six and opened the floodgates. Still quite touchy about that part. Men tell me I’m being daft women all say they agree and that would be the issue for them too.
I’m hoping someone can explain to me why I’m being offered chemotherapy first? I am sure they told me yesterday but it seems most normal routines is to have surgery first. Surely they will not know if it has spread until they look at the lymph nodes? The radiographer that did my biopsy said the armpit and lymph nodes ‘looked’ clear so is that what they go by?
Thanks for any info you can give me. I have to wait a week now until I see the oncologist then I’m starting chemo soon after that.

Hi Clare , sorry you’ve had to join us here , it’s not a place any of us want to be but we all do our best to support each other, especially in the awful early days of diagnosis when you are still trying to get your head around it all, if you ring your breast cancer nurse she will go through your results with you again and explain anything you want to know, I think the reasoning behind doing Chemo first is due to the size of tumours and they want to shrink them first to help prevent too big an op, I’m no expert but from everything I’ve learned along the way this seems to be the case, Im sure someone will come along soon who had Chemo first and be able to answer your question better than me, take care love and one step at a time, it’s all over whelming at first but you do get your head around it all honest xx Jo

Hi PC,its only my third post because I never felt I needed’outside’support.  I was diagnosed in May 2012 and I am now FINE(hopefully!) Three things though. Firstly,BC is NOT a death sentence. Secondly,you WILL get through everything(although you will be very,very scared)and thirdly,there are people on here to support you. Now,on to the practical stuff. I don’t know why you have been offered chemo first,although I think it quite normal. Ask your onc,thats what he/she is there for ! Probably to try and shrink your tumour first,rather than surgery immediately. Re the wig thing,yeah,they should have been a little(a lot!)more tactful with that. Ask your onc,once again(thats what they’re there for)about"coldcapping" I had it,and tbh,its not much fun,but I did keep my hair… Lastly(for now)have you not been’given’a McMillan nurse ? I saw one immediately after I was diagnosed,and she was absolutely amazing. Chin up and’speak’soon.

Hi Clare and welcome to the BCC forums

I am sorry to read your news, it looks like you have found support here already which I am sure will be a great help

BCC can offer you further support via our younger women’s forum, events and also our helpline. I am posting a link to the younger women’s pages where you will find information about our ‘Younger women together’ residential events along with support around hair loss and our headstrong services:


The information via these links will explain different diagnoses and treatments available and why/when they are offered:



Hope that helps, to talk any queries through or for a listening ear please call our helpliners on the number below

Take care
Lucy BCC

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Thank you everyone. Work at the moment is a lifeline. Home is where I sit and think whilst work is still my hiding hole where everything is normal. I know that will change soon. Had to tell my bosses today so it will soon leak out. I don’t want it to be a secret but I don’t particularly want sympathy either. To top everything off this week one of my cats is ill. Sorry that is quite random! Not sure whether he is sensing something is wrong with me or he is actually I’ll too!

Hi Clare, it can be a scary time but the ladies on these forums are very supportive and helpful. Also those who have “already been there” provide fantastic advice. I am due to have a mx and snb on Tuesday and the ladies on this site have kept me going. Good luck xx