Diagnosed yesterday with invasive ductal carinoma

Feel quite numb still…only found out yesterday morning…surgeon is seeming positive …The lump is 1.7cm…and er + and he -ve… not sure what it all means…hoping to be booked in for an op on the 24th Nov to remove the lump …followed by 15 sessions of radiotherapy. …Our hospital sends results to the USA for genetic testing…This is when they will be deciding about chemo…glad it’s moving quickly…previously had thyroid cancer 12 years ago…just hope I survive that’s all not bothered about loosing a breast or my hair don’t want to leave my beautiful family…
Thanks for listening x

Hi Pam so sorry you find yourself here, part of a club no-one wants to belong to! I was in your position in February and was a wreck, couldn’t eat or sleep, convinced this was the beginning of the end! Here I am 8 months on enjoying life just like I used to.  The unknown is so frightening isn’t it. I had a 2cm lump removed, no node involvement, 15 + 5 booster radiotherapy sessions, an Oncotype score of 28 (high end of intermediate risk of recurrence) and on Tamoxifen for the next few years as hormone +, her-…  I promise you that once you get over the shock and get a treatment plan put into place you will feel alot stronger and it won’t seem quite so overwhelming.  There will be light at the end of the tunnel before too long, you just can’t see it yet. Sending you hugs.  Michelle x

Thanks x