Diagnosed Yesterday

Good morning Ladies
Well got my results yesterday from my biopsy and they were not what I had hoped, got grade 3 cancer! But, on the positive side it’s only a cm big so they are going to remove it and look at the lymph nodes at the same time, if it hasn’t spread there then that’s good if they find it there then they are going to remove all the lymph nodes in the same op. The Dr says she doesn’t think it’s spread there yet as she can’t feel anything and the ultra sound there was clear but of course we won’t know for sure until they do the op.
So onwards and upwards lets get it out and see what stage it is. It all feels a bit unreal at the moment as though it’s happening to someone else I suppose, one minute I’m totally positive and it’s just a minor glitch and the next I think I’m going to die and want to disolve in tears I suppose this is normal!!!
All my family, friends and work are being really supportive and I’m totally going to fight this it’s not getting me I’ve got to much more to do yet.

Chris xx


hI chris, I was diagnosed on 10th June. I have DCIS with microinvasions. I have a 58mm mass so have to have a full mastectomy on 1st July. I am also having a sentinal node biopsy at the same time and immediate reconstruction.
It is scarey isnt it? Im like you, one day I feel positive and the next, I am a nervous wreck. Its certainly a rollercoaster of emotion
I also have a supportive family & friends which helps a lot. I am due to get married in November in Jamaica. I am hoping it can still go ahead, but I suppose it depends on results and also on the surgery to my other boob to even thing up lol.
Take care hunni & if you want to chat please send me a PM xx

Welcome to the club nobody wants to be a member of!! All your feelings and emotions are totally normal and expected sounds like you have a good network of support around you so good luck on your quest and keep smiling :slight_smile:

Good Luck Chris.

Let us know when your surgery is scheduled for. I am 5 weeks post op and still an emotional wreck

Hi Chris,
“It all feels a bit unreal at the moment as though it’s happening to someone else I suppose, one minute I’m totally positive and it’s just a minor glitch and the next I think I’m going to die and want to disolve in tears I suppose this is normal!!!” This is so normal and exactly how I have felt and still feel at the moment. It is a rollercoaster of a ride but you will find some good companions on this site to get you through it. Keep smiling when you can and remember you are not alone.

Sam xxx

Thank you ladies for all your words of encouragement it really means a lot to me knowing there are people out there that understand how you feel.

I wish you all the best and as you all say staying positive is the key and that is what I intend to do.

Cath I hope everything goes well on the 1st and fingers crossed you will be ok to go in November what a fantastic place to get married and something really special to look forward too.

Sending you all big hugs
Thank you
Chris xx

Hi Chris
As the others have already said what you are feeling is totally normal. I too was a complete wreck. I was diagnosed last November and had a lumpectomy my tumour was 1 cm and i had two infected lymph nodes that were removed.
I have just finished chemo and have started rads, then will have hormone therapy and will continue with herceptin until next april.
Athough i was planning my funeral, in my head, in the beginning, I soon stopped those thoughts and have remained positive and strong throughout. I think that the only way. I live in France and have been having all my treatment here which has been great. The french say that 80-90% of treatment is mental the rest is what they give us. So stay strong and focused, you will get through this.
Virtual hugs ((((()))))
Karen xx


You have the same as my mum and I just wante dto tell you how well she is. She had her mx 8 weeks ago and is doing most things as normal although still has alittle discomfort. she is starting her rads on 8th July and has already started on the medication. I was hoping and praying mine was as straight froward as mums but it wasn’t to be. However I will fight the beast! Good luck ladies x

Sam xx

I too have been recently diagnosed and will have an operation on 17th July, God willing.
am ok if I keep myself busy but os even to be bursting into tears regularly.
in my head have already planned my funeral, am hardly sleeping and am worried for our foster child as the decision to move her on has already been taken.
financial worries looming… We are suppose to be having our daughter marry next year, new grandchild imminent.
I find talking about it difficult without crying.
even trying to be intimate and loving with the hubby is difficult as that causes me to cry too.
it is good to read the comments that other people have put here and realise there are lots of us in the same boat.
i wish you well with your op and treatment.

i have my op on 18th july , im so scared, think its all got too much,. my lump is 15mm only able to be foud on ultrasound, lymph nodes are normal, watever that may mean. i have grade 111 DIC and have just been told that i need a chest xray so its scaring me a bit, its gone from being to contained to i dont know wat, im sitting here in tears and my bf is basically no help at all. can anyone hjelp please

Hi Pendragon - wishing you lots of empathetic hugs for 18th July - you’re right - this whole nightmare is so scary, but if you’ve been told already that your lymph nodes are normal then surely that has to be good news. I’m due for WLE next Wed 10th July and also sentinel node biopsy - feeling absolutely terrified of surgery, but I reckon it’s always the waiting to find out exactly what you’re dealing with which is the worst part. I should get my results on 19th July. Hopefully you won’t have to wait long for chest X-ray and results, so that you will know exactly how your treatment plan will look. As for the unpredictable tears, I promise you that you’re not alone. I tend to try to be strong with my OH and daughters, but as soon as I’m on my own and glance at myself in the mirror, I just can’t pretend anymore and the tears flow. Then I try desperately hard to wash my face and cool down my red eyes so no one can see that I’ve been crying. I just hate to make them amy more worried.
Lots of love, and wishing only good news for everyone xxx

Hi Ladies
Well i finally got the date for my op on Friday it’s the 19th July.

I’m releived to have a date but also it’s made it all the more real now, I suppose in the last couple of weeks, although the knowledge that I have breast cancer is always just below the surface, I’ve managed to keep positive about it but today for some reason I’m not doing so well and keep having to fight the tears back. I often feel it’s not real and it’s not me it’s happening too almost like I’m a stranger looking in, is that normal??? I’m imagining that in the time since diagnosis and the op it’s going to spread feeling quite scared today.

I feel better just writing down how I feel and I know it’s just a glich and I’ll get back to being positive.

I wish you all the best on Wednesday Sunflowerfan and Jan and pendragon for next week and please let me know how you get on.

Love and hugs ((())) to you all.

Hi Chris - it must seem like a long wait - I was diagnosed the same day as you and my op is on the 15th. I know what you mean about feeling that its not real and not you that it is happening to. I think that is perfectly normal. I feel exactly the same - I know that there is this cancer but I dont think it is going to feel like it is really happening to me until I wake up after surgery and realise that I no longer have a breast. My lumps actually hurt and have done since the biopsy so I keep thinking that they are growing or spreading. I dont think that they can grow that fast but it doesnt stop the worry does it? I think it is probably good to have a bit of a cry. However positive you are feeling generally I reckon you are entitled to a bit of a wobble.
All the best for the 19th.
Hugs Nic x


Hi all reading these posts are at least making me feel “normal” we’ll ish anyway, been thru the usual biopsy sentinel node and WLE showed 2 nodes affected so had clearance of nodes the rest clear . Waiting now for bone scan and chest X-ray and heart test, before chemo in about 3 weels, I’m a bit of a wreck most of the time I must admit , trying to put it out of my mind is proving impossible , but knowing these feelings are normal helps a bit. I want to be brave and positive but losing that battle at mo. sorry to whinge just having a bit of a wobble I suppose. Thinking of you all and sending good wishes and hugs x. Lynda

Dear Chris, Lynda, Nic and everyone, it seems quite a few of us are having a bit of a wobble today - mine came - not when I had to have a tooth filled at the dentist today (after taking one of my OH toffees the other day - Karma?!), not when I was reading all the info about the stay in hospital, but when I filled up the watering can from the water butt to water my geraniums and other plants - I suddenly realised I love this little task and shan’t be able to do it for some weeks after Wed!
My surgery is looming large now - day after tomorrow - and is starting to feel real now. Made myself work out our new budget today, which helped make me feel sort of in control of something (I only just started new part-time job 3 weeks ago - days before getting the news - so they have finished my contract for now - but at least they said they will re-start me when I’m better. So for the first time in my adult life years I have no income! My OH tells me not to worry - and that we will manage on his pension, but I’ve had to put in a claim for the dastardly ESA. What a lot of questions!! Anyone else feel that the process for claiming should be made a tad easier?
Very best of luck to you Lynda with your bone scan and chest x-ray - hope these and chemo go as smoothly as is possible for you.
And best of luck to you Nic on 15th - I sympathise with you on the breast pain after biopsies - mine was very painful and came out in all the colours of the rainbow, but is much better now. I too have been worrying whether it meant the cancer might somehow be spreading. I even asked the BCN today if they would still operate when the area is still showing bruising - she assured me it wouldn’t be a problem unless the whole area was still purple.
Thanks for your good wishes Chris, and best of luck too with your op on 19th and to you Pendragon on 18th, and to Jan7070 for 17th July too. Busy time for us all - may all the results of all our treatments be the best case scenario - Good luck to everyone on here! love and hugs from Chris xxx

Hiya ladies hope some of the wobbles have eased and the ops go well I will be thinking of you all x, in the meantime make sure you enjoy the sunshine . Chris I really feel for you having the extra worry of losing out on your new job (even though I’m sure that’s only temporary) I too had the WLE and sentinel node , really wasn’t as bad as I expected, I hope to hear good results for you. Also Jan Nic and Chris you haven’t got too much longer before surgery over with am sending all my best wishes for good results to you all tc all xxx

Hi Ladies,

Good luck for Wednesday Chris, I am havinga 2nd WLE the same day. Only positive I know what to expect in terms of teh day and afterwards. Fingers crossed they get it all this time!!!

Sam x

Dear Sam, thanks for your good wishes - hope yours goes v well this time and that they do get it all. Best of luck.
And also thanks Lynda for your good luck wishes too - and very best to you all with treatments/surgery soon. Will update again once i’m back home and have taught myself to type left-handed!
love from Chris

Hope your ops have gone well sunflowerfan and samjs xx

I had my WLE and SNB yesterday…sore but not in pain.

Good luck too to those of you having your ops next week…it’ll be here sooner than you think! xx