Diagnosed Yesterday

Hi Ladies
I hope your ops went well yesterday Chris and samjs and you are both feeling ok. It’s good to hear you are doing ok after yours yesterday as well Maggiemay22.

My wobble seems to have gone for the time being and am feeling a lot more positive and a lot of that has to do with all the lovely messages and support from you all thank you for that.
All the best
Chris xx

Hi Nic
Wishing you all the best for your op on Monday, try and have a nice weekend in the sun and not worry to much before it.
all the best
Chris xx

Hi All and many thanks for the good wishes - came out of hosp yesterday - just have to wait for results next friday. being spoilt rotten by my OH - keep wanting to get up and do things but he won’t let me. Keep dozing off all the time, and feel like a right lazy so and so!
All the best to you all - and lots of luck to you Nic for Monday and Chris for your op next friday. Take care xxx

has anyone had alternative treatment for breast cancer as i have been told im not allowed a general anesthtic? x

pendragon, there is chemotherapy and radiotherapy, but you really need to discuss this with your consultant and/or BCC nurse who will be able to give you your options. Good luck and I do hope you get things sorted soon.

Annie x

Hi everyone, I,m New to this site and after reading many forums felt it time to write. I was diagnosed with breast cancer mid June 2013, came as a complete shock as I,m sure it did to all. Took an hour off work to go for what I thought would be a quick check at hospital after gp referral, they said it was a blocked milk duct. I was told on the day after tests etc it was cancer. it then looked like a lumpectomy with reconstruction was going to happen but mri results have shown a spread of cancer in breast and a mastectomy is the plan now. keeping the brave face for everyone while inwardly have had funeral planned but trying so hard not to think like that. getting op next week to remove some lymph nodes and don’t have date yet for mastectomy. Was doing ok till an appointment came in post today for chest xray, didn’t know about that, is that routine? Sending my best wishes to those on this site and thanks for any advice offered. Helen xxx

pendragon, do you mind me asking why you decant have a general anaesthetic ? This is something that your bcn and surgeon should be able to discuss with you. We’re you told this recently or previously ?
best wishes

Hi, mcnivenh, it’s such a shock I know I’m still in shock to be honest and I’ve known since end of may. I haven’t had c X-ray but some have , normally it can be routine for pre op assessment. As you have been reading posts you will probably know how supportive this forum is, and don’t google , I did and some of it was scary and out of date and some info just not factual or true.
I know what you mean about planning funeral etc, but it’s just a knee jerk reaction and we have to trust out teams who offer us a good chance of many more years with our families. The lady who lives over the road from me had mx 1975, had lymph node involvement, no chemo not sure if rads and is fantastic. My neighbours daughter is 7 yrs post bc and is also fab so we can do this.
Good luck with your ops, keep posted x

Hi Helen, it is a standard practice to have chest X-ray ,well in some parts of the country it is, I had one as part of the pre op. your feelings are perfectly normal , and as Lois has said , stick to this forum for all your questions as there will always be someone here that has the correct answers , it has been a god send to most of us . It’s true this news knocks a great hole in our lives, but you will cope , and once you know all the facts you will feel a bit better , it’s the stage your at where nothing is certain that I found worse, and the damn waiting is the worse bit sending a big. Hug and best wishes for a good result. Lynda

Hi Helen, its not unusual to have a chest x-ray either before surgery or after, I had mine before and its good as it can rule out one possible area of the cancer spreading. My advice would be to go for whatever your tem recommend, we are all different as is our Cancer so please dont be concerned. I have found it so easy to see everything that happens to us as a potential negative thing because of what we have been diagnosed with but its not always bad. I had a CT and Bone Scan yesterday and something showed on the bone scan and I was sent straight away for a back x-ray, something to do with T9, it is scary but try to think positive. As Lols says just stick to this or Macmillan sites as others can be very misleading. You will get lots of support on here from everyone. Hope all goes well for you and Take care Meg xx

Hi Helen and welcome to the BCC forums

In addition to the support and shared experiences you have here please feel free to call our helpliners for further support and information on 0808 800 6000, lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturdays

I am posting a couple of links to the BCC ‘Just diagnosed’ and ‘Treatments’ pages where you will find lots of support ideas and more information about diagnosis and treatments:



Take care


Hi everyone, thanks for all your replies! It,s reassuring and helpful to listen to other personal experiences and learn your feelings are normal. It’s definitely the waiting that’s been the hardest part. Met with the plastic surgeon again yesterday and have decided to go for reconstruction at the same time as mastectomy using abdominal tissue, don’t have a date yet but have been told Will be in August. Thanks again and best wishes to all xxx