Diagnosis/processing it

My name is Cazzy and I’m thirty two years… I don’t know where to begin really because it’s been surreal two weeks. So expect some rambling… I feel like I’ve not processed things yet which I need support with

Over the last five years I’ve been a home carer within community any way over last two years I have had on off problems with my back pain thinking due nature of my job. Walking call to call moving and handling I was back and forth with private physio and back in April I coughed and lump came up on my breast told private physio and she thought was pulled muscle. By mobility got worse in shoulder and back still worked went to local festivals walled and feww weeks ago told my sister about my lump and she is doctor got worried booked an appointment gp she was worried as hadn’t pointed this out as was currently on sick eith back ache before thst back spasams 

Anyway day went doctors they concerned as didn’t neeed we much or feel it but did loads got admitted enrrgancy or else would be waiting three weeks for mri scan as out patient come forward today I’m home after hospital less than week been diagnosed with breast cancer spread to back and bones some on skull my family. Are all heart broken in getting hormone tesatnebt any experience helpful thanks 

But I feel like this world I’m in living us bubble taking ny meds healthy eating eith family friends do supportive I feel like it’s not kicked in yet I keep repeating yo myself about my diagnosis I’ve cried like three times  but everything seems like dream don’t know make any sense at all im sorrt xxx




Hi Cazzy,

So glad you’ve found the forum. It’s a huge shock for you all & no wonder you feel as you do. 

There is a tremendous amount to take in, but you will get your head around it in time. 

Do have a look at the ‘Living with secondary cancer’ board Here where you will be able to get advice & support from the other lovely ladies who understand what you’re going through. 

There is also the helpline above if you need to talk things through, as well as support & info for younger women. 

Sending love & hugs

ann x




Really feel for you, you must be reeling from the shock of it all.


I would only echo what Ann has said, to look in on the ’ living with secondary breast cancer ’ threads, because there are some fabulous ladies there who will help you, help to hold you up on the down days, and who have a wide range of experience. . . . I, as far as I know, don’t have secondaries, but I see their posts and their positiveness and humour and wisdom, and they really are the go-to ladies.


Sending you hugs aplenty.