Did an ultrasound/FNA/CB miss anything? Still have the pain & thickening

Hi all
I posted back in October I think it was.
Basically I’d had thickening under left breast for a while, & occasional pain (more of a twinge/shooting pain)
Anyway, long story short!- got a referral & had a physical exam, ultrasound scan,
FNA & Core biopsy so what you call a triple test I think?
Results showed benign changes, & I think an oval shaped something or other, lower breast they thought were cysts, (don’t actually know if this was investigated & biopsied or not) confused!
But, the consultant who saw me said the thickening under my breast was natural,
So I went away, & that was that.

But I haven’t been able to shake this nagging doubt that the thickening wasn’t investigated enough,
For 4 months it’s been playing on my mind,
It still hurts, the thickening feels more lumpy, (if not bigger) my left breast is definitely slightly larger than the right, which hasn’t always been the case.

I’ve finally booked in with my GP for Friday to try & get referred again.
I don’t want to feel like I’m a nuisance & wasting their time, but they say you know your own body, & something just doesn’t feel right.
It doesn’t help that I’m 39, & have been on HRT since aged 32 after full hysterectomy.
So my GP tends to blame everything on hormones or that I’m too young, but I know younger women can get BC.

Has ANYONE ever had a FNA or a core biopsy that was negative initially, & then went back to be re-tested?
Is it unusual to request a 2nd referral for tests?
I don’t want to be a nuisance.
Please advise, I’m really struggling with this
Thank you so much x

HI, You are booked with your GP so you have done right to get and appt there. I can’t answer your questions, but you aren’t being silly or a nuisance and you should insist on further tests. You need to be able to get on with your life, knowing that all is ok and at the moment you are in limbo. Be firm with the GP and don’t let them fob you off.

Friday isn’t far off now.

Hang on in there

Good luck with the appt


Also I don’t know if this is relevant or not, but I’ve had a tight, heavy feeling in my left upper arm (same side as breast) for months now, where I’ll experience numbness & tingling,
& recently my wedding ring has started to get tight & I struggle to get it off.
I’m now petrified that my lymph nodes are being obstructed because of BC.
I am a nervous wreck, I’ve got myself convinced I have advanced & it’s gone a long time undiagnosed.

Thank you H20 for your kind reply.

Well I have my GP appt at 10.15, & I feel terrible that I could be wasting their time by asking for another referral.
I feel like I’m going crazy!
I’ve now realised that an itchy/tender area on my rib that I’ve had for a while, is now a tiny lump (similar to a rice grain but fatter!) but it seems to be attached to my rib just under problem breast (left)
I can get it between my two fingers & roll it a bit if that makes sense.
I’m sure it’s not at all connected, but all my problems, breast, arm, rib lump are all on my left side, and I don’t like coincidences.
Has anyone else ever had a little lump attached to their rib (just below breast)?

Thank you so much for reading, & putting up with my ramblings! x

Thank you H20 :slight_smile:

The lovely lady GP examined me & assured me she couldn’t feel anything abnormal.
She said I shouldn’t feel like I’m a nuisance either, I obviously needed that extra reassurance.
I was told it is very common for a woman in her 30’s & 40’s to have breast pain & even a slight change in size in one breast, especially with me being on HRT, which can change breasts also.
Anyway, I DO now feel reassured & I’m going to concentrate on the lovely positives in my life now, but will obviously remain breast aware :wink:
Thank you to those who sent me good wishes
& offered me sound advice.

Good luck to all the ladies on this forum
Sending warm wishes & lots of luck.
Wonderful forum x