Did anyone have a mamogram when they finished radiotherapy

Hi i am new to this forum. I will be entering my 5th week of radiotherapy on Monday, i am due to have 6 weeks in total. I was told that i will need to have a mammogram and blood test when i have finished my radio, is that something everyone has to do, i will then start to take Tamoxifen for 5 years.

No I am not having a mammogram until a year after diagnosis (April) and I finished rads at the end of November. But there seem to be diferences about treatment depending on where you are eg I started Arimidex before I even started rads.

All the best

Thanks AnneG for your comments. I am due to see my doctor over the next week so i will ask them.

Yeah, I too was told there was no point in mammograms until a year after rads as they would be too abnormal to be any use before that point.