Did anyone see "New Tricks" (BBC1, Tuesdays, 9pm) this week (15th Sept)?

I thought it was an excellent episode for brining two unspoken of cancer topics to the fore. There was a male character in it who had had breast cancer, had been in remission and had then developed secondary breast cancer. I thought they dealt with it all rather sympathetically, but, more, to the point, it brought the two subjects up in a popular TV programme with a wide audience. Hopefully it will make more people realise the possibilities are there, and that there isn’t necessarily a total cure out there (yet!!!).  Hugs. Barton.x

Hi Barton - I didn’t see it but it sounds like they’ve done a good job of getting the messages across to a large audience. I think it’s particularly important to make men aware that they can also get breast cancer. When I mentioned it at work after my primary diagnosis only one of my male colleagues knew it was possible because his dad had had it. I agree that there needs to be more mention of secondaries. We really need more funding into research and finding new treatments.