Did fair sensitive skin tolerate rads?

Hi I am trying to find out how people with fair skin have tolerated rads.
I am have auburn hair, fair skin with lots of freckles. The chemo (3×fec and 3×t) has made my skin very dry and super sensitive.
I have had trouble with the dressings on the picc line and have blistering skin from all the dressings. At first I was ok with IV3000 but even they blister my skin now.
Had it sprung on me at almost the end of chemo, only 1 more t to go, that they think I should have rads too.
I am wondering how on earth my skin is going to hold up and my reconstruction. I had a full masectomy on the left side with immediate implant reconstruction.

Anyone out there in a similar position been through it? How did your skin etc hold up?

Didn’t have chemo but did have rads and was worried as I burn easily being freckly and red haired too. I really thought I would have skin problems with rads.And I didn’t at all. Radiologist told me fair skin not a predictor . Used .lots of moisturiser, drank lots of water and only had lukewarm showers and I didn’t even go pink.  Hope it will be the same for you xxx

Thanks Eileen xx

Conversely, I have olive skin and tan easily, but have had a tougher time than expected with rads and now limping towards the finish line… Maybe it is simply unpredictable. But the good thing is that the hospital has been great in making me more comfortable with creams / cool pads etc when I have needed them.


Try not to worry, the first few are easy and you will feel better for getting started rather than waiting around (the waiting is always the worst part).

Lizzieb sorry to hear that. Maybe it is all random who knows. Been referred to the Royal Marsden for a second opinion re needing rads or not. Lost confidence in my local onc team. Xx

Got my appointment though for 11th. Hopefully can get some answers to my questions.

Appointment went well. Understand why I need it now and sode effects and everything better.
Had planning scan. Start rads 5th may for 15 sessions.
Thanks for the help all. Will let you know how I go xx

Just a quick update for anyone whonis interested. Had my rads. Finished 25th and had 15 zaps. My skin has held up really well. No breaking down just very pink. I have been using Aveeno lotion 2-3 times a day and going braless when at home. Obviously can’t really for work. Hope it helps put other fair skined ladies minds at rest that they know at least one fair lady has been ok.

Charys make sure you moisturise a lot. If it gets a bit warm and ithy, warm showers help, as does going braless whenever you can xx

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