Did You See Kylie on the Brits?

Hello lovelies. Did any of you see Kylie on the Brits last night? I’ve never really been a big fan but now I’ve got something in common with her I shed a few tears watching her performance on the Brits. I thought, 2 years ago she was having the chemo that I’m about to start having, she did lose her hair and she had to disappear from the face of the earth for a few months and now look at her, if you didn’t know she’d had breast cancer you would never guess. I remember she spoke very frankly in her interview soon after her recovery as well, which she could have chosen not to do but I am grateful she raised awareness of this happening to younger women. And just because you’re a famous sex symbol doesn’t make you exempt it doesn’t discriminate.


I saw Kylie on the Brits last night. Like you, I have never been a huge fan but must confess to going to her New Year’s Eve Show at Wembley in 2006. She got such an amazing, lengthy applause as she appeared on the stage (descending, or ascending… can’t remember which!) and I got such a lump in my throat as I knew what she had gone through just to get back to what she loved doing. As you say, being a megastar type person doesn’t leave you immune. At least we are able to close our doors when we come in from hospital whereas she probably had a price on her head for the first photo of Kylie bald.

Angee xx

Yes I did (and i’m old). I’ve also become a Kylie fan since. Despite huge media pressure while she was undergoing treatment her stance on having breast cnacer has always been very straight.

Did anyone see her on the Jools Holland New Year show? In that you could clearly see a ‘dent’ high up on her breast, and if you looked carefully last night you can tell its the left side she had her cancer. She looks sexy and great. I think OTHER people sometimes turn her into the kind of role model we don’t want…but she herself is very honest. Long may she survive.


Actually I did wonder last night whether it had been her left side, I noticed the top part of her dress was designed so the halterneck style bit was off to the left side and I wondered whether that was the reason. Obviously if I saw her in the flesh I would not be so rude as to gawp, but since she was on the telly she’s not to know I was sort of scrutinising her.

I;m afarid I do the same thing about scrutinising ffor scars etc. In the concert they televised last year you could see up close some rads marks under her arm pit and her arm movement wasn’t as good. It must be horrible knowing all the world are looking at you like that all the time.
i really admire her and think she has been honest but sometimes the media overdo it a bit which must be very upsetting for her.


I think shes great and was looking for photos of her hair post chemo the other day. To my horror I found a discussion of her on a hair forum with somebody saying that her hair was a mess following chemo and that youd think with her money she would wear a wig. I was appalled by this but it also made me think that she was very brave and upfront about her hair and let the world see it all quite soon really. Like youve said the media dont make it easy, its bad enough having people in the street gawping at you without all the world looking!

Polly x

I don’t really know what to think about all this. It smacks of voyeurism. If you dispense with the fact that that she is a famous woman, and come back to the fact, that despite all her money, she has faced the same heartache, despair and desolation that we have all felt at some time, why are we gawping at her and trying to establish what her particular circumstances were/are. Come on girls- give the girl a break.


Yes I saw her on both shows and was impressed, but then I am the same age as her so have been a fan for quite a while, also have to own up to scrutinising and guessed at left too although I do feel a right old hypocrite as hate it when I spot people glancing at me wondering which side, even made an extra comment to my husband that I reckon her hips were bigger, like I was justifying my tamoxifen hips, as I call them.

Did feel very sorry for her when being hounded by photographers all the time through treatment so think good on her for new hair styles and gorgeous dresses.


I too am the same age as she, I’m not sure Debbie if you’re agreeing with me or not?


Hi all

I think Kylie is great and an inspiration to us all. I am only 6 years older than she is but look more than that! I thought I could see her scars on left side but she is getting on with her life and living it to the full. Just like we do she must have her good and bad days but mostly has to put on a brave face in front of the press. I say go for it Kylie, you are fantastic!

Shorty2 xx

Yes I feel a bit bad about the voyeurism and for starting this speculation.

But speaking for myself I think its fine if people spot I am wearing a prosthesis and its on the left side. (I’m afraid I am a supermarket prosthesis and wig spotter…my breast care nurse once confessed she was too) I also don’t mind people noticing the sleeve I wear for lymphodema. I am much older than Kylie and defintitley never had her looks and sexiness but what I like about her is the fact that her body is saying…look I can show the signs of having breast cancer and still look really sexy.


Iv’e ever really been a Kylie music fan but do confess to watching Neighbours when she was in it.Teenage daughter was hooked at that time so that’s my excuse. Have to admit I did watch Jools Holland show on New Years Eve and kept eyeballing her figure. Must be shortsighted cos couldn’t work out whic boob was affected.
But she was looking fab and if she can look that good then that’s my aim not that I’m her age or have her looks but ‘dream on’ thats my new motto.
Cheers all

Jane I think you’ve hit the nail on the head! It’s Kylie warts and all! She’s just as sexy after breastcancer as she was before…so am I!

Does anyone know what type of bc Kylie had - ductal / lobular / receptor positive or negative / HER2?

Just being a nosy parker!


Bringing this to the top again.

I take it no one knows then …

I don’t think they do. I know she had to have 2 ops so they musn’t have got clear margins and I am sure they said there was no spread. However my onc said it has never been disclosed. ( Her and I were treated at same time so I asked him) Also I think she had herceptin as her treatment went on for a year.

Love Alise

Thank you for replying, Alise.

Whatever treatment Kylie had, doesn’t she look great?!

As Kylie lives in England, there’s every chance she is one of us on this site! So just in case:
Kylie, if you’re reading this, I think you’re great and you have been a great inspiration to so many of us.
Hope you can forgive for all the above speculation! All the best

Hear Hear. Well said Jacquie