Did you see your cancer on scan?

Just wondering if anyone saw there tumour on scan and if they so did it show up as black area, mine did, and someone else has said theirs did too, was just wondering if this is how most show up.
Mine didn’t at first two ultrasounds but after second FNA and core biopsy showed up as black pulsating area.

My cancer showed up as a black irregular area with spikes going off it (something like a floating mine you see on old war films!!) as opposed to previous cysts which showed up as black regular shaped areas with a white border to them.

Mine was a perfect circular black blob on the ultrascan ,was a two and a half inch lobular tumor,I remember clearly thinking thats cancer,dont know why just intuition inside of me as never had cysts or lumpy breasts prior,biopsy confirmed the cancer…this was over 2 years ago and after wle,chemo and rads all is currently well…must admit wierd feeling seeing the lump on screen…but it could well have been a cyst so there is hope for anyone out there,many lumps are benign…my intuition just happened to be right…, best wishes D…x

Mine looked like a great big lump of coal on the ultrasound and I knew then it was cancer. When they did the core biopsy, I was studying the screen intently (I’m not squemish at all) and the doctot asked if I wanted to look at what she had removed. I said I did and she showed me and it was white. It was tubular and long and thing cos of the shape of the needle that had removed it and looked just like a long white wiggly worm on the tray- eeeuuoooh!!!

I looked into buying a torch like thing called a BreastLight which shows up the inside of the breasts in a darkened room, and on the leaflet it showed tumours as black blobs, some with spikes coming off - so I guess that is mostly what they look like. Still can’t decide whether to buy one or not, but they cost around £80 so quite expensive. Has anyone used one??

Hi there all, I wanted to add this information from our Specialist Nurse written on this issue a few months ago now

Best wishes

I wanted to come in here and give you some information about the breast light. Currently, there is no proof or sufficient clinical evidence that the Breastlight product results in earlier detection of breast cancer, increases survival or is any more helpful than the normal practice of being breast aware.

At Breast Cancer Care we speak to people with breast cancer and breast cancer concerns every day and we know that self check devices may only serve to worry people, often unnecessarily.

Breast Cancer Care advocates being breast aware alongside the Department of Health, Royal College of Nursing, other UK breast cancer charities and other UK health bodies.

As you know the breast awareness five point code encourages women to know what is normal for them and to report any changes, not just lumps, to their GPs.

If you have any personal concerns about your health, please do see your GP or if yu just want to talk things through with someone please do call our freephone hlpline on 0808 800 6000

Clinical Nurse Specialist


I ‘saw’ my lumps (3 - I had an aggressive invasive mutli-focal carcinoma - what a name for the little brat!!)) during my scan and I asked why it showed up as a ‘black hole’! I was told it was because it was the particular filter they used which showed normal tissue as ‘grey’ stuff and anything else as black.

Then they put on a orange filter to show up blood distribution - oh boy, it was like looking at the sun - my cancer was really tapped in to me for food (it aint’ no more though cos it was chopped out - yippee)!!

So, don’t worry about the colours, just ask what filters theyr’e using and what it is you can see. I find the moee I ask the medical team the more info I get and the more they tell me what’s going on.

Had my heart scan (isotope radiography) yesterday so start Chemo sometime soon !!

Good luck to all!


Good luck with the chemo’ Dee x

they used a doppler scan for mine, so it showed up as red and blue lines (the blood supply for the damned thing as it turns out!)…which i thought was just my breast tissue until i was disabused of that idea! I did also have a cyst, which i watched being aspirated…one moment it was there, the next it was gone pooooooffft!

I saw my grade 3 tumour on the ultra sound. A big black lump with uneven edges (as the person giving it said at the time. When I saw it i knew I was in trouble and it was not a cyst. I had a needle inserted into it and it stayed there. That was more painful than any other treatment i had. It was quite deep inside on my left breast and near the chest wall.

I had my third 3 yrly mammo at a travelling x-ray unit - went with a friend who also had hers. She got an “all clear” letter in 2 weeks, and 5 weeks later I got a recall letter asking me to go to the breast care centre. I felt both breasts, no lumps, and saw my GP for another health matter and mentioned the recall to her. She couldn’t find any lumps, so I naively thought the x-ray must have a “dirty patch” on it. When I got to the breast care centre and went in for a compression mammo I asked the radiographer if I could see the original mammo. There was a big black spiculated lump…and I just knew I had cancer - don’t know how or why. I was then sent for an ultrasound and my husband was asked to come into the room. The Director of the Clinic did the US and showed us the “tumour”, and did a core biopsy. Then taken ino an office to meet a breast cancer nurse and given tea in china cups! This was on the NHS, so we definitely knew something serious was wrong, although the word cancer was never used - just tumour. They already had a date for surgery so they must have dx bc from the original mammo. Just had my 6 yrly review 2 week ago and have been discharged.