Didn't Get Clear Margins On WLE

Hi all. Just had my surgery results today. Had WLE and SNB on 17th Feb. Good news all nodes were clear but they didn’t get clear margins on WLE due to DCIS. Have been advised that best option is now mastectomy but I will have chemo first as they don’t like to delay this and i need chemo as tested
HER2+ so need herceptin. Positive of this is that I should be able to have reconstruction at same time as mastectomy. I am feeling very angry as i said right at the start that i wanted a mastectomy but was told that WLE best way to go. Anyone else found themselves in a similar position? Would love to hear from you. Helen xx

Hi Helen. So sorry you didn’t get clear margins. I was happy to go with therapeutic mammoplasty and axillary clearance as it was in my node biopsy. I had this done a week ago today. However I am now kicking myself as to why I didn’t ask about mastectomy as I would have gone for this had it been suggested. So although different from you I wanted to say how sorry I am that you’ve now got to go through more surgery to get what you wanted in the first place. I think they assume we’d all like to conserve some normal breast however for me I just wanted to be rid of this disease whatever it took xx

Oh Helen I am so sorry re margins. It is good that no node involvement though. Lou x

Hi all, Helen I’ve replied on other thread. I asked about mastectomy and was told no due to size of lump (18mm) and location (right at front in nipple) the surgeon said ethically they are required to conserve breast tissue if at all possible. It’s a lottery it seems of what’s clear and what’s not and different hospitals seem to do different things too. Love Sarah xx

Hi Helen, I also didn’t get clear margins after WLE and so am having mx on 18th March. The tumour was much larger than it appeared on mammogram and ultrasound. It is disappointing but I’m keen to have it removed to get rid of the cancer totally. I’m not going for immediate recon and will be a uniboober for a good year I guess. My lymph nodes were clear too which is positive. I’m also HER2 positive but I’m Having the surgery before chemo - it does seem that different hospitals have different ways of doing things. Good luck with your treatment.

Hi Diddy in didn’t get clear margins either got results today and 1 of the 3 nodes the removed also has cancer traces. So mastecomy and full node clearance now 30th March. My lump measured 36mm on the ultra sound but surgeon removed 60mm and still had one area where margin clearance not good enough despite good clearance in other parts of the tumour. Like you I am having surgery first then treatment and at some point reconstruction. Lou x

Oh yes and Her2 positive x

Hi, I was diagnosed in Feb last year and had a lumpectomy first. I was HER2 +++ Stage 2, Grade 3 and my tumor (turned out to be 2) measured 43mm, so abit of a beast. Like you they couldn’t get clear margins. For me, both my sentinel nodes were also positive for cancer. I was gutted with the results and thought I was doomed! Awful time. All good though now! :slight_smile: They put me through chemo straight after my lumpectomy, although we postponed it 2 weeks so I could go through with my wedding that we had already planned prior to diagnosis! Nice wedding pressie :frowning: . I started chemo 4 days after my wedding instead of jetting off on our honeymoon. I had 6 FEC-T and started herceptin on cycle 4 of my chemo. I finished chemo the end of July and now have just had my 13th herceptin jab and only have 5 more to go! It’s absolutely flown by! I had immediate recon with an implant when I had my second op which was a mastectomy in August, I also had a full lymph node clearance with my mastectomy, they removed 13. My path results came back as all clear, no traces of cancer although DCIS was still present even after the chemo. It’s important to remember that DCIS doesn’t get zapped by chemo because it isn’t classed as a tumor, just cells that have developed that could progress to a tumor. So very positive news!! I was over the moon with the results :slight_smile: I’ve opted to have preventative surgery on my good side so am going in for my op August or September. Good luck. Keep strong. Keep going. You will get through this. Xx

Hi Mich33
I was diagnosed in Jan this year stage 1, grade 3, herceptin positive also - I had lumpectomy and lymph node clearance 0/11 (1 had tiny micros) on 4th Feb with chemo to start 21st March.
It has just lifted my spirits to read your post being 1yr ahead of me in treatment, as our diagnosis were v similar ?
I just need to ask how your consultant reacted to you opting for a preventative mastectomy on your unaffected breast? As although my lumpectomy was successful with clear margins, I 100% want to have a mastectomy after chemo plus a preventative mastectomy on my other breast in the future. Also, did you have radiotherapy after reconstruction?

Helen 1971, it looks like we will be starting chemo at a similar time - will check in here with updates and hope all goes well for you ?

Loolyboo xxx

Thanks Mich 33 that’s made me feel better. X