Didn't have reconstruction...now want it.

My mum had a mastectomy in April of last year for DCIS and, as she is in her late 60’s was discouraged from having reconstructive surgery. However, she is now finding life with only one breast extremely difficult and is wondering if there any options available for her to have any reconstructive treatment. Any advice would be grtefully recieved xx

Hi Heather,

Your mum can have a delayed reconstruction as it is called, when you don,t have it at the time of mastectomy. I had mastect in 2006 and am now investigating recon for this year. Her g.p. or breast care nurse should be able to get her a referral to a reconstructive surgeon. I am 56 and find living with one boob not an option anymore. There is a choice of what type, which your mum should discuss which is best for her with the surgeon.
Good luck,
Rosie x

Hi Heather

BCC have published a booklet about reconstruction which you and your Mum may find useful to read, you can read or order a copy via the following link:


Our helpliners will also be happy to talk to you or your Mum about breast reconstruction if you need any further information and support on 0808 800 6000 weekdays 9-5 and Sat 9-2.

Best wishes

I had a mastectomy in June of last year and for a very long time thought I would never ever consider reconstruction. But as time has passed I have changed my mind and am being referred in July. I was told by my surgeon that they like to wait 1 year after initial surgery before attempting recon.

i had mastectomy in nov 2005. on 5th feb 2009 i had a DIEP recon. i had been offered immeadiate recon in 2005 but as it happens i had chemo and rads which is not good if you have already had recon, the rads show no mercy.
i just spoke to breast unit and said i had now decided i was ready and they refered me to PS to discuss which would be the best option.
i didnt want an implant so opted for diep, didnt want tram flap as that took the muscle.
anyway just get appt and see what is best for your mum. good luck.

My aunt who is about your mum’s age had reconstruction a couple of years ago about 15 years post mastectomy … she loves her new look and cleavage!