didnt see that coming... how about you?

I was sitting here today, a week after my mastectomy and sentinel node surgery and realised theres a few every day things about this you dont see coming… the day to day stuff…


I spent forever this evening trying to keep my peas on my fork as my arm is so unreliable and a bit wobbly after the surgery

My underarm feels like a hedgehog has nested there, regrowth from shaving is brutal on that tender swollen skin

My children on veiwing my giant sticky plaster pointed out I have exchanged a breast for a chest, they thought they were very witty and giggled ( its true and oddly not disturbing)

Kiwi crush is a necessary evil as all the drugs mess with your digestive system

Spray in dry shampoo doesnt really make your hair fluffy, but it smells delicious

Ice packs across your chest and under your arm help even on the numb bits.,.didnt expect numb bits…clearly missed that bit in the surgeon’s information chat

Sometimes the nerves in my chest feel like a kitten is sitting on my chest purring,  soothing

Your drain tube will catch on the bathroom vanity drawer pulls…every darn time…

Its nice to have someone cut up your food 

Childrens ice blocks are delicious at 2am when everything is slightly uncomfortable and you’re a bit over it

 o yes…and buy more than one set of button front pjs -what was I thinking?

Anyway, thats what Im seeing,  its not serious,

just thought that maybe

 you all might have some things to add…


That surgery thing fills your head and I’ve discovered that life goes on afterwards, albeit leaning a bit to the right (no one tell my physio)


Hugs ladies, xxxxx



Love this post Sandie. Resonated with me !! I am 3 weeks post bilateral mx and can relate to everything you said. Made me smile xx

I can relate to this sandie, I had a WLE and SNB which showed 2 infected nodes so then had a auxillary clearance 3 weeks later. I was just about feeling normal again when I had the second op! Still pretty numb, sunburny feeling and keep forgetting not to fill the kettle right up because its bloody heavy!!


Sam xx

Kettle, vases, food being cut for me. Forgetting I can’t bend as I automatically bend to pick something up. Trying to get my socks on then pull the zip up on my boots. Arghhhh so many things I couldn’t do but hey I am day 16 post op and I managed all those totally by myself today and went xmas shopping in town with my partner. So scared someone would bump into me though. Every day it gets a bit easier and my implant is beginning to feel like it’s always been part of me. I thought I was prepared I read so many leaflets, advice pages and forum posts (hence why I did get 2 pairs of pyjamas and in a lovely soft fabric) but like so many things in life until you go through it you just don’t know how you will react. The most amazing thing for me is how little pain I have experienced, discomfort yes but not pain. Sending best wishes to everyone x

Just another one. The fact I can’t use deodorant is one of the worst aspects for me. I hate my body odour as I haven’t been without deodorant since I was about 15. The right armpit where I has Lymph node biopsy is the worst even after washing several times the odour wouldn’t quite go away. Little tip I picked up from an American forum was to use cider vinegar, obviously avoiding scar areas (ouch). I place a little on cotton wool and carefully wipe then wash with soap again. It works for me.

Interesting! Me too!

Ha ha ladies , I stink too ? couldn’t understand it ?? But using deodorant now, shouldn’t I be ???

This forum is so useful! I can so identify with these issues and glad I’m not the only one; having to shower and wash hair in stages, being stinky, not being able to sleep on my right side, bored of telly, teetotal due to painkillers (rough at this time of year lol), the list goes on but at least am on the mend now -  there is light at end of tunnel…

Ps I got cotton short sleeve pj’s from bhs.


I can relate to all of these as well and the BO was the worst for me too.  Once my dressing and steri-strips were off I started using deodorant (very carefully under my left arm cause of lymph node removal) and the weirdest thing was not feeling the dry stick because its all numb so I don’t really know much deodorant I’ve actually put on it and I can’t even lift my arm high enough for a sneaky little sniff to check.  I guess I’ll just have to gauge it by how much of a space there is around me when I’m near people :slight_smile:

O thank goodness,  the B.O is driving me bonkers! I have used all kinds of soap and still feel hideously Stinky.


Was in a book shop today,  got book down,  couldnt get it back up there!  

Hugs to you all!

The body odour thing is more widespread than I thought. It does help knowing I am not alone in this new territory. I went to a shop to buy a present for my twin grandchildren. It was only a medium size box but not only could I not get it down from the high shelf I also couldn’t carry it to the till. I had to ask the assistant to carry it to till then wait for partner to come back. It was the only one so I knew if I didn’t get it immediately it would sell in the next 5 minutes lol. I am now 19 days post op and have turned a corner. I have more mobility and can reach for things more easily. Missing hugs and all that goes with that, especially as we still have a rolled up single duvet between us to avoid accidental cuddles as I am still sore. I am still sleeping on my back mostly but have managed to lay on my reduction side without discomfort a couple of times. Every day I can do a bit more x

Got another one… using a bread knife, or cutting up veges, , surprisingly hard to hold object being sliced. Bread was mauled but still delicious!