Diep - abcesses on tummy wound

Hi all
I had a diep on 27th November and am so happy that I have something there now, instead of complete flatness. The new boob is slightly smaller and a lot higher than the old one but it’s a boob so I don’t care . The surgeon is busy telling me how he is going to lift the other one to match - not sure yet abou that, we’ll see. Has anyone had this done? did you lose sensation in your healthy boob?
My other question is has anyone had abcesses on their tummy wound? I have been given 10 days of antibiotics but the surgeon said if the multiple abcesses did not clear up they might open me up again . Since I came out of hospital there has also been some necrosis under the new breast. It is being dealt with with silver dressings and they told me it is nothing to worry about BUT obvioulsy I am worried about the possibilitiy of the ncrosis spreading and losing some / all of my new breast.

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Hi Notts girl - I had my diep in November last year so I am a year on from you. My breast looked slightly different than my other one at first but it has settled and the only difference now is one droopy one and one nice firm round one I am due my uplift on 16 January and so excited about it and can’t wait to have it done - after going through a diep which is a big op I can undertand your worries I had them too but now I can’t wait to be even again - I do know ladies who have had it done and its excellent - I think they have lost sensation in their nipple on their good breast but it may come back but they have full sensation in their good breast - but I am sure others who have had it will be on shortly to say how it is for them. With regard your tummy wound I too have problems - I actually had a hematoma which was a build up of blood and fluid and I did have to go back in and be opened up to drain it off - it wasn’t too bad only a day case but then I got an infection and was kept in hospital for IV anitbiotics for over a week - it did all slow down my healing but now my scar is fine and I have full movement everywhere. I have had small bits of necrosis too but my consultant said they would settle and there is still a bit left and he plans to ‘suck it out’ when I have my uplift in January, Good luck with your recovery and yes its gerat having two boobs again and looking and feeling ‘normal’ xxxx

Thanks Saffronseed. Good to know that the necrosis doesn’t mean I will lose a lot of the recon. Also good to know that if i have to be opened up again it will likely be a day case. You were unlucky to get an infection though.
Very best of luck with your uplift. I haven’t completely ruled it out as I know I’m never satisfied for long! When I was dx, all I wanted was for them to get rid of the cancer, then all I wanted was chemo to finish so I wouldn’t feel so cr*p, then I wanted my hair to come back properly, then I wanted herceptin to be finished so I could get my new boob. I’m sure in a few months I’ll be thinking that having a new boob is great but I’d like them to be even!
have a lovely Christmas xx

I had to have two weeks of Flucloxacillin 500mg because of about 5 small areas of breakdown and infection along the tummy scar. I shared the dressing of these with the practice nurse and we used very basic inadine and guaze to dress. 3 weeks and they were healed. Its such a big area for the body to heal that I think its almost inevitable that there will be some breakdown.

My DIEP boob healed really well but had a problem with the T junction on the reduced breast but again that is very common due to the natural stresses on the wound. Now on the waiting list (will be approx 4 months) for the tidy up of the DIEP as fuller than the reduced breast as well as the nipple. Then thats it!!!
Karen x

Thanks Karen
I went for dressing today and they have put on a manuka honey dressing. The antibiotic I am on is augemntin (some form of penicillin). Good luck with tidy-up and nipple.