DIEP- belly bulge and swelling weeks after DIEP Surgery

I had DIEP surgery on Nov 17, 2014 and although I am happy with the way my breasts look, I still have stomach swelling and buldging and numbness in abdomen area 6 weeks post DIEP surgery. I had my surgery at Memorial  Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City.  I had stage 2 breast cancer (left breast), finished chemo and now continuing with Herceptin and Pertuzamab biological tx until July.  The cancer was Not in my Lymph nodes Thank God -I choose to do double mast and DIEP reconstruction rather than implants and very happy with that decision.  My biggest concern now is the swelling/numbness/pins and needle feeling I am experiencing in my belly area- look pregnant with stomach distension and buldging 6 weeks post op from DIEP- Has anyone experienced this and when will it subside??? 

Going to my PS next Wed 12/31/14

Need Feedback please-  Thanks, Aly3

OK…first of all,still early days.
You live in America?not that it makes any difference,just interesting .
May be seroma,which can get aspirated …but I have the same as you,I think,and you are the first one I have come across.I had fluid,(DIEP)24thJuly this year,drained 600mls,8 weeks post op,and then 400mls a few weeks later.Now have hard tummy,look about 5months pregnant.Had CT scan a couple of weeks ago,seeing Surgeon 2nd Jan.
Not painful,but uncomfortable and after having op,just want to get back to normal.
Let us know how you get on,on 31st.

I am due to have a DIEP on the 22nd. Abdominal seroma sounds a bit scary? Have things improved? Have they told you how long it is likely to take?

Hi there, i am in your exact position and wondered how your tummy situation was resolved. I am getting conc erned about the hardness and sweliling at 6 weeks. I had a skin graft on one breast last week and my PS also fixed my ab dog ears and checked for fluid. No seroma.  She feels its just normal swelling abd will lipo extra ‘fat’ at stage 2. But this feels And looks so hard. thanks.